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Private Practice: A Q&A with Pierre Valade, Founder of Privacy App Jumbo

Privacy is an innately precious and increasingly rare thing. In an era where much of the world lives online, sharing their photos, identification documents, and bank accounts with the ether, the opportunities for corporations to quietly siphon off your data…

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The Brontosaurus Bubble: Could the bottom fall out of the dinosaur fossil market?

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The fantastically wealthy have always splashed out on lavish commodities – limited edition sports cars, bottles of wine that belonged to various founding fathers, maybe the occasional Rothko. But one particular investment, 66 million years in the making, has seen…


Crash Dummies: Why Autonomous Cars Have Slowed to a Stall

All was seemingly normal during Thanksgiving on the San Francisco Bay Bridge, the Golden Gate’s more utilitarian sister that connects roughly 300,000 drivers daily from the city to Oakland. But at around 12:30 p.m., one car suddenly slowed to a…


The Agony of Fiscal Defeat: Is there a better way to host a mega sporting event?

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The 39-year-old slabs of crumbling, graffiti-riddled concrete are monuments to fiscal folly. The Olympic park in Sarajevo where Karin Enke easily broke the women’s 1,500-meter speed skating world record is a ghost town today. Roughly 10,000 miles away in Brazil,…


Tale of the Tape: Warren Buffett and Cathie Wood

This year, scrutiny on the financial world’s most famous quasi-celebrity stock pickers has reached a fever pitch. Perhaps no two names are bandied about more than Warren Buffett and Cathie Wood.

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