Virgin Yanks Support For Heathrow Runway

Looks like this summer’s travel chaos is still triggering air rage. During an appearance at the London Airlines 2022 conference on Monday, Virgin Atlantic CEO Shai Weiss accused Heathrow airport of abusing its power as Europe’s biggest airport and announced…

(Photo Credit: Joao Carlos Medau/Flickr)

Boeing Posts Billion Dollar Loss In Latest Earnings Report

As anyone who has bought airline tickets in the last few months knows (all too well), airlines are successfully passing along higher costs to consumers. Boeing, on the other hand, cited mile-high costs in both its commercial and defense businesses…


Electric Aviation Startup Beta Technologies Raises $375 Million

Electric vehicles are all the rage. Of course, vehicles is a broad term, and aside from Elon Musk’s latest and Ford’s electrified F1 series, there’s growing investor interest in the wider world of promising electric means of transport. Case in…


Airlines Bulk Up on Staff and Cut Flights to Avoid a Repeat of Last Year

Middle East

Booking a flight in 2021 didn’t always mean taking a flight in 2021. That’s because, as you may recall, thousands of would-be fliers who showed up at airports throughout the summer, fall, and winter saw their flights canceled. Airlines have…


Virgin Galactic Opens Spaceflight Tickets to the Public Again

Today, you can officially buy a ticket to outer space. All you need is to do is make a $150,000 deposit and then figure out how to come up with the remaining $300,000 to cover your 90-minute flight. Or be…


The Asia-Pacific Needs 17,600 Jets by 2040, Airbus is (Understandably) Pleased

Airbus and Boeing traded blows last year over who could best position themselves to own the world’s growing air cargo market. Airbus launched a freighter version of its A350 wide-body jet with the aim of seizing a lucrative segment of…

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New Airline Seeks To Offer Cheap Flights To Asia, By Way Of Alaska

When Icelandair began offering cheap trans-Atlantic fares to Icelandic capital Reykajavik, it doubled as both a budget gateway for Americans to the rest of Europe and a catalyst for tourism in the little-traveled Nordic Island. Now, startup airline Northern Pacific…


Boeing Lost $4.3 Billion Last Quarter But Its Scandal-Ridden 737 Max Has Finally Turned the Corner

When one door closes, another one opens. That’s the famous optimist’s mantra. But in Boeing’s case, unfortunately the door that opened needs fixing. The world’s second-largest aerospace company announced Wednesday that it has moved past issues that dogged its high…


EU Contemplates Rule Changes Amid Wave Of “Ghost Flights”

Remember the days when some flights were only half-booked? Those were the glory years compared to what the European aviation industry is experiencing this winter. Due mostly to the Omicron wave, flight demand has plummeted in the EU. But an…


Airline CEOs Got Grilled After Promising to Keep Up Staffing Levels

Middle East

The holidays are a time for family, friends, chestnuts over an open fire, and — even in the best of times — patience-trying airport layovers. Over a year after the pandemic wiped most airline travel off the map, lawmakers grilled…


Airbus Gets a New Mega-Order as It Struggles to Pump Out Jets

Airbus announced on Sunday a $30 billion order for 255 of its speedy, single-aisle A321 passenger jets to four discount airlines including Wizz and Frontier. But there is turbulence ahead: the company said it’s overwhelmed with demand for its A320…

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