Hertz and BP Partner to Install Thousands of EV Chargers; Gov’t Funds Its Own Network

Two major electric vehicle charging projects, one private and one public, will put thousands of new stations on the map in America.

Cheap Juice: Honda and GM Pair Up to Keep Their EV Costs Down

Some automakers have been working for more than 100 years to perfect the internal combustion engine, but the same cannot be said for those newfangled electric doohickeys that are all the rage on the road these days. Big Auto players…


EV Manufacturer Polestar Lands Major Deal With Hertz

French philosopher René Descartes often theorized that pain and pleasure exist on a continuum — you can’t have one without the other. And Polestar, Volvo’s soon-to-be spun-off EV unit, can attest: Its latest deal is a major win even if…


Daimler Truck CEO Warns Of EV’s High Cost of Production

As far as spinoffs go, Daimler Truck could be on track to hit Frasier-levels of success, if its stellar first earnings report is any indication. Even still, it’s not every day a CEO publicly discusses possibly unavoidable pitfalls. But Martin…


Tesla Rolls Its First European Cars Off the Production Line

Tesla CEO Elon Musk visited Grünheide, Germany on Tuesday to help hand over 30 of the company’s first cars manufactured in Europe to their new owners. The world’s richest man was celebrating the opening of Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin, its first…


Intel Files To Take Self-Driving Mobileye Unit Public

As Intel races to reorient its business around semiconductor chip-making production, CEO Pat Gelsinger has promised to keep the company’s eye on the proverbial business road ahead. In doing so, Intel has decided to separate Mobileye, its self-driving car unit…

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Volkswagen Deep in Talks to Hit the Gas on Porsche IPO

After a week of headlines devoted to a flaming cargo ship stocked with $155 million of Volkswagen vehicles on it, the German auto manufacturer deserved a wheel-good story. And on Tuesday, Volkswagen’s positive news arrived. The company is seriously exploring…


Ford, GM Threaten Car Dealerships That are Jacking Up Prices

A feud has broken out between some of America’s biggest carmakers and the dealers that sell their cars, although the hardest punches have landed on a group of innocent bystanders: consumers. New data reveals US car dealerships are jacking up…


Tesla Soars After Elon Cashes Out $14.1B in Stock

Elon Musk may or may not have just unloaded 10% of his stock in Tesla on a Twitter dare, but either way he has made his company a more attractive investment. The world’s richest man revealed this week that he…


Chip Dip and Carbon Footprint Bills Trap Jaguar

The global chip shortage has hit a lot of companies hard, but perhaps none have as many bruises as Jaguar Land Rover. The luxury carmaker announced on Monday that it’s over 100,000 vehicles short on orders thanks to a lack…


Hertz Amps Up With Groundbreaking Tesla Deal

Rental car giant Hertz was a shell of itself before emerging from bankruptcy earlier this year, but on Monday it flashed the latest sign of a rapid turnaround by placing an order for 100,000 pricey new Teslas to add to…

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