Pernod Ricard Buys George Strait-backed Tequila Brand

Pernod Ricard buys into the celebrity liquor craze.

Nike and Fanatics Ink Collegiate Sports Deal That Casts Both as Winners

Iconic sports apparel maker Nike and rising sportswear manufacturer Fanatics are enrolling in college together. Sort of. On Wednesday, the two companies announced a long-term deal that will see Fanatics produce Nike-branded replica jerseys, shorts, and other consumer gear for…


Inflation is Everywhere, But Some Grocery Items Are Getting Hit Worse Than Others

Keto, Whole30, intermittent fasting. Chances are you’ve heard about, attempted, or witnessed a friend trying out any one of these trendy diets in the past couple of years. But now a new diet is entering the mainstream: the inflation diet….


Car Loan Payments Are The Most Ever, Sometimes at Mortgage Levels

At this rate, nobody is going to show any interest in loans. The average monthly payment on a new car loan hit a record high of $686 in June, according to new data from auto sales site Edmunds, up 4%…


Coupons are Vanishing and With Them a Bargain Hunter Artform

The steepest cost of living increase in a generation sure seems like it should be high time for coupon-clipping bargain hunters. But the latest numbers show that people who scour through mail flyers and newspapers for a sweet 25-cent relief…


Canada’s Blueberry Farms Don’t Have Enough Bees, Everyone Should Be Worried

Canada’s Blueberry Farms Don’t Have Enough Bees, Everyone Should Be Worried

No story, no matter how salacious or eye-grabbing, is as buzzworthy as this one. That’s because it’s about bees. Unfortunately, however, it’s about the sudden lack of them in Canada, where farmers and the agriculture industry are fretting that a…

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Amazon Prime Day Loses its Blockbuster Shine

What was once an attempt to bring Black Friday shopping levels to summer is slowly turning into an internet afterthought. After a half-decade of immense success, Amazon is dialing down the discounts offered during its annual Prime Day super sale…


The FDA is Preparing to Ban Juul E-Cigarettes

Altria — the tobacco giant formerly known as Phillip Morris Companies, Inc — is about to lose the crown Juul of its business empire. On Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal reported the Food and Drug Administration will boot electronic cigarette…


The Covid Reading Surge is Here to Stay, Harry Potter’s Publisher Says

Harry Potter’s publisher is touting its latest financials like an open spellbook. Bloomsbury reported record sales and profit Wednesday, and CEO Nigel Newton said the spell that books cast on readers during Covid lockdowns remains in full effect. A fortune…


Marc Lore’s Food Truck Company Cooks Up a $350 Million Funding Round

You may not think much of the truck at the end of the street slinging carne asada and al pastor tacos for $1.50 a pop. But for Marc Lore, it’s a multibillion-dollar venture. On Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal reported…


Goldman Headlines $100 Million Funding Round for Sustainable Textiles

There’s a new way in the fashion world to avoid looking trashy: recycle. Goldman Sachs’s asset-management unit was revealed Thursday as the leader of a new $100 million investment in Recover, a pioneering Spanish sustainable fashion company that, thanks to…

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Extra Credit: The Shifting World of Private Credit Markets

Tale of the Tape: Warren Buffett and Cathie Wood

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