Pernod Ricard Buys George Strait-backed Tequila Brand

Pernod Ricard buys into the celebrity liquor craze.

Packages Shrinking is the Latest Inflationary Symptom

You’re not crazy: there are five fewer Kleenex in that box than normal. Consumers may feel like their eyes are deceiving them, but companies have begun quietly shrinking the sizes of packages without lowering prices, sometimes even raising them. It’s…


There’s a New Bipartisan Effort to Fix the Baby Formula Shortage

In an election year, politicians on opposite sides of the aisle tend not to agree on much, even if it’s just for the sake of WWE-style campaign posturing. Not in this case. On Wednesday, a group of congresspeople from both…


Mastercard Allows Customers to Pay at Checkout With a Wave of the Hand

As if biometric payments weren’t controversial enough, this one wants you to work up the gall to wave at the checkout. On Tuesday, Mastercard launched a pilot payments program that lets customers pay in stores by showing the palm of…


Philip Morris Sets its Sights on Acquiring Swedish Smokeless Tobacco Company

Cigarette king Philip Morris International (PMI) wants to see its business burning at both ends — but not literally. In the latest move to reshape its business so that 50% of revenue originates from smoke-free products, PMI has homed in…


Coca-Cola Posts Strong First-Quarter Earnings

Does recent slumping stock performance have you down? Relax and grab a Coke — both the beverage and some of its parent company’s shares. Amid a rollicking earnings season, the classic beverage heavyweight reported positively bubbly results on Monday. Soda…

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Chipotle Launches $50 Million Venture Fund for Restaurant Tech

In the 1960s, General Motors revolutionized its automobile assembly lines with automated robotic arms. Now, a wave of tech innovation is coming to the most critical assembly line of the 21st century: the burrito line. On Tuesday, Chipotle announced a…


Two Months After Helping Oust Peloton’s Last CEO, Activists Are After the New One


Even for a company that specializes in causing perspiration, Peloton’s executives are too often sweating out their future. Two months ago, the fitness company’s previous CEO, company founder John Foley, resigned under pressure from Blackwells Capital, a prominent activist shareholder…


Skyrocketing Fertilizer Costs Come For The Coffee Industry

For most of the year so far, coffee producers have kept a feather in their cappuccino as soaring prices have roiled just about every other industry but theirs. Unfortunately, it turns out, coffee hadn’t dodged inflation entirely – it’s just…


Budweiser Brewer Bubbles Back

The world’s largest beer company raised the bar on Thursday, reporting that its latest quarter was a veritable financial happy hour. But growth at AB InBev, best known for Budweiser, is now being driven by premium brands that are more…


Soybean Prices are Flirting With Records, US Farmers Might Win Big

Cold snaps and droughts have roiled Brazil and other major agricultural producers in South America this summer (the seasons are opposite in the hemispheres, but the rumor about toilets flushing differently is a myth). That’s already made both coffee and…

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Extra Credit: The Shifting World of Private Credit Markets

Tale of the Tape: Warren Buffett and Cathie Wood

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