US Government to Spend $1 Billion to Keep California Nuclear Plant Alive

Washington is saying ‘no’ for now to no-nukes in California. On Monday, the Biden administration announced it is giving a $1.1 billion grant to the Pacific Gas & Electric Company — the oft-beleaguered energy firm powering much of California —…

SCOTUS Ruling Says EPA Must Get Permission to Regulate Power Plant Emissions

Between the January 6 hearings and a series of controversial Supreme Court decisions, Washington DC has been getting pretty heated the last two weeks. On Thursday, the Court decided it wasn’t going to end there, issuing a ruling that could…


OPEC is Whiffing on Oil Production Targets

Tired of sky-high prices at the pump. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a reprieve. On Wednesday, members of OPEC+, which includes 13 core OPEC and 10 non-core nations and collectively accounts for half the world’s oil production, admitted to…


Germany Faces “Gas Crisis” As Minister Warns of “Lehman-Effect”

“We are in a gas crisis,” Robert Habeck, Germany’s economy minister, said Thursday. “From now on, gas is a scarce commodity.” Those blunt words accompanied Berlin’s decision to activate the second stage of the country’s national gas emergency plan, a…


The US Waives Tariffs and Mobilizes Domestic Production to Turbocharge Solar Industry

This is a story about shady behavior and a plan that ran out of steam. On Monday, the White House announced it will temporarily waive certain tariffs on solar panel imports to ease a heated conflict in the solar industry…


Hawaii Turns to Solar to Replace Fossil Fuels

The perks of tropical island life on Hawaii are obvious and plentiful: serene beaches, show-stopping sunsets, gorgeous flora and fauna, and a relaxed, worry-free culture. Unfortunately, the economics of life in Hawaii can turn Maui into owie. With oil prices…

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Windfall Tax But a Breeze for UK Oil Company Profits

How do you blunt an affordability crisis? The answer is blowin’ in the windfall tax. On Tuesday, the British government announced it will place a temporary 25% levy on the currently soaring profits of oil and gas producers. The measure,…


European Union Proposes a Ban On Russian Oil

The European Union is mulling its biggest step yet in retaliation for Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine: banning oil imports from the country altogether. Formal deliberations began Wednesday after EU President Ursula von der Leyen outlined a proposal, and officials…


BP Nets $6.2 Billion Profit Amid Debate About Windfall Taxes

Despite a massive $24 billion write-down for its exposure to Russia, British oil giant BP and its industry peers are minting money faster than they’re pumping dead dinosaurs out of the Earth’s crust. The British oil giant made it rain…


Diesel Tops Gas Prices By Widest Margin on Record

If trips to gas stations have afforded one shimmer of consolation this year, it’s seeing the price of diesel creep just a bit higher than the regular gas most of us pump into our regular-sized cars. At least I’m not…


Wind Energy Companies are Facing a Gust of Cyberattacks and Cost Pressures

It was never going to be a breeze for wind energy firms. They are only charged with helping wean the world off power sources that have charged grids for decades, finding the margins to make that happen, and getting it…

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