Credit Suisse Looks to Skinny Down to Move Forward

Is Credit Suisse preparing for a major shake-up?

Rising Interest Rates are a Growing Pain for Companies With Junk Loans

Think rising interest rates are a pain because of what they did to your mortgage? Talk to a CEO whose company mortgaged their future on junk loans tied to the US Federal Reserve’s every move. The high costs of floating-rate…


New York’s Challenge to the SALT Cap has Been Rejected for Good

This Monday, the Supreme Court rubbed SALT into the wound that is the annual tax return of every New York/New Jersey resident who makes a decent income. The highest court in the land rejected an appeal by four states to…


Big Banks May Use Payment Service Zelle to Take on Mastercard and Visa

America’s big banks are in a football huddle about whether to call an audible that would screen credit card companies out from one of their most lucrative revenue sources. According to The Wall Street Journal, several notable Wall Street names…


Billionaire Membership Rolls Shrink, But Their Ranks are More Interesting Than Ever

Tuesday marked the financial world’s equivalent of a high school posting the latest semester’s honor roll. Forbes published its annual tally of the world’s billionaires, the most successful people in business. Reflecting the economic turbulence of recent months, this year’s…


Russia’s Stock Market is Open Again, Larry Fink Says the World Will Never Be the Same

After a month of suspended trading, the Moscow Stock Exchange reopened Thursday, albeit with restrictions so severe the White House called it a “charade.” While shares rose, foreign investors’ holdings remain frozen and short selling is banned. Meanwhile, Larry Fink,…

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SEC Launches Probe Into Big Four Accounting Firms Conflicts Of Interest

The reinvigorated SEC is investigating so many industries and businesses, you may have to hire an accounting firm just to keep track. But now even the accountants have been flagged by the federal government’s fiscal watchdog. The SEC is pursuing…


Hedge Funds and Banks Play Winners and Losers in Latest Ukraine Fallout

If someone’s losing money on something, odds are someone, somewhere is making money. The latest fiscal yin-yang opened up on Wall Street last week, where several hedge funds that made commodity bets are earning big amid the geopolitical certainty of…


With Tax Evasion Rising Among the Wealthy, the IRS is Conducting Fewer Audits

The United States fails to collect $1 trillion every year in unpaid taxes, according to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner Charles Rettig. That’s more than the GDP of at least 179 countries. With that in mind, one might hope the…


There Are A Lot More People Worth $30 Million Now Than There Were Last Year

What kind of party do you throw when you’re officially ultra-wealthy? Plenty of people found out in 2021, when more than 56,000 people worldwide broke the coveted $30 million threshold that takes them from rich to really, really rich, according…


Canada’s TD Bank Adds to Its Burgeoning US Empire with $13 Billion Deal

Toronto’s Bay Street is a 500-mile drive and a border crossing away from New York’s storied Wall Street district, where bright American flags hang from the iconic Stock Exchange. But in Canada’s financial capital, among flags with red and white…

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Tale of the Tape: Warren Buffett and Cathie Wood

Farm Strong: Understanding Agriculture as an Investment

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