Disney to Make Cuts After Streaming and Theme Park Losses

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – the sequel to the 2018 box office smash – took off faster than a Wakandan airship, earning $180 million in North American ticket sales since it opened Friday, good for the second biggest film opening…

(Photo credit: Younho Choo/Unsplash)

Grid, a Web News Site, Launches with $10M VC Funding

Unlike retail, the business of news has always been a risky bet for investors looking to score big on the internet. No outlet has had an Amazon moment. That hasn’t stopped venture capitalists from setting out like knights in the…


The New York Times Adds The Athletic, Loses Ben Smith To A New Venture

You’ve probably seen the ads: for just $1 a month, you can have The Athletic for an entire year. Apparently, the powers-that-be at The New York Times called that bet and raised it by $550 million. On Thursday, news broke…


With Forbes SPAC Deal on the Brink, A New Deal Emerges

Plans to take the Forbes media kingdom public through an SPAC merger could be falling through, and the publication’s Chinese ownership is looking for a way out. Axios reported Tuesday that American investment firm GSV is lining up to buy…


Vivendi Plans Takeover Bid for Lagardère SA

Call it a corporate coup d’état, to borrow a fitting French phrase. Paris-based media conglomerate Vivendi said Thursday it will launch a takeover bid for a controlling stake in fellow French media conglomerate Lagardère “in the coming days,” to be…


Substack Now Has One Million Paid Subscribers and Zero Profits

Some say it’s a passing fad, some say it’s a refuge for the canceled, some say it’s the future of media that will save an industry disrupted by the likes of Facebook. Substack doesn’t care what they say, because it…

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New York Times’ Digital Transformation Paying Off

So much for the Trump Bump — even without “the best thing that ever happened to the media,” the New York Times is having a great year. The company announced Wednesday third-quarter profits surged 63% thanks, in part, to a…


News Networks See Dip In Audience Following Election Year

There’s a lot to be said about the year 2020. And perhaps even more that’s left better off unsaid. But one thing is undeniable: last year gave Americans ample reason to tune into cable news. 2021, by comparison, has been,…


Axel Springer in Talks to Buy a Chunk of Politico…or Maybe Even the Whole Thing

Politico is typically the one beaming out the latest juicy word-on-the-street, but on Tuesday, the Washington insider publication was itself the subject of the chattering class. Sources dished to The Wall Street Journal that German publishing giant Axel Springer is…


The New York Times Posts Fewest Digital Subscribers in Three Years

Oh, how the Times have changed… The New York Times said Wednesday that it brought in the fewest digital subscribers in three years during the second quarter, accruing just 142,000 new signups. All the Non-News That’s Not Printed Despite the…


Japanese Companies Paid $3 Billion for Tokyo Olympics Marketing And Could End Up With Little To Show For It

When five dozen Japanese companies paid over $3 billion to sponsor the Tokyo Olympics — a level of domestic promotion unseen in the history of the Games — they likely envisioned packed stadiums of onlookers from all over the world…

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Extra Credit: The Shifting World of Private Credit Markets

Tale of the Tape: Warren Buffett and Cathie Wood

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