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Serie A Hopes Wall Street Can Get Help it Out of the B-Tier

This Italian football league needs an assist from American lenders. It’s no secret that soccer is the most popular sport in the world, but now Wall Street’s hunger for football is so great that major banks are happily lending to…

Crime-Tracking App Citizen Launches Paid Emergency Response Subscription Service

There’s plenty of apps out there for times of leisure, whether you’re scouting local breweries or doing some good old-fashioned candy-crushin’. Citizen’s crime-tracking app is one for the not-so leisure times. And Citizen just launched an emergency response service offering…


Pepsi Squeezes $3.3 Billion Out of Tropicana Sale

It’s official, PepsiCo is all out of juice. Not metaphorically — we’re talking about actual juice. On Tuesday, the American beverage giant said it is selling its Tropicana orange juice brand — as well as Naked and other juice lines…


Sneaker Giant Foot Locker Snaps Up Two Rival Retailers for $1.1 Billion

In the shoe business, everybody wants a bigger footprint. That certainly includes American sneaker and sportswear giant Foot Locker, which announced Monday it is buying California shoe store chain WSS for $750 million and Japanese streetwear brand Atmos for $360…


Blackstone Makes A Pair Of High-Profile Moves Into Motion Pictures

Private equity giant Blackstone Group just booked a blockbuster double-feature of moves in the movie industry. Across the pond, the group will be building a massive film studio in the just-north-of-London town of Hertfordshire. Meanwhile, in Hollywood, Blackstone finalized terms…


Heineken Sales Surge, But Global Conditions Leave a Bitter Aftertaste

It’s the age-old question: is the glass half-full or half-empty? For Heineken, the world’s second-largest brewer, the answer is currently both. On Monday, Heineken — which churns out Amstel, Tiger, and Moretti in addition to its famed namesake lager —…

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Moderna And Pfizer Raise Vaccine Prices In Europe

Despite alarm around the spread of the Delta COVID variant, vaccine efficacy remains remarkably high. As a result, Moderna and Pfizer are increasing their prices per-jab across Europe. Why? “Usual pharma rhetoric,” according to an EU public health official who…


Amazon is Running Out of Storage Space…And Manpower

There were weeks last year when Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce company, turned away stock shipments to its warehouses due to a lack of storage space and warehouse employees. Seven months through 2021, the company is still in a mad…


New Study Shows 38% Of Remote Workers Work From Bed

If you’re reading this newsletter while working from home, chances are pretty high you’re sitting or lounging in bed. That’s not an accusation, it’s just statistics! According to a new survey of 1,520 remote-working Americans, 38% admit to regularly working…


Didi Considers Going Private as China’s Tech Crackdown Hammers Investors

For some high-profile public figures, escaping to a private life out of the spotlight would be a dream come true. The same applies to some public companies — on Thursday, it was revealed Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi is weighing whether…


NYC Firm Synchron Beats Elon Musk to Brain-Computer FDA Trials

If you thought mind control was only for sci-fi characters like X-Men’s Professor Xavier, think again. A bioelectronics company will soon launch U.S. clinical trials of brain implants that allow patients with conditions like paralysis to control digital devices…with their…

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