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Nestlé to Sell Off Peanut Allergy Treatment, Not the Blockbuster They Hoped

Ah, nuts. They should’ve stuck to Baby Ruths and Butterfingers. Nestlé announced Tuesday it will unload the world’s only approved peanut allergy treatment just two years after acquiring the company that developed it. Potential patients must’ve found it easier to…

Frackers Link Up as Exxon Tries to Tamp Down Activist Rebellion

From oil barrels trading at negative $37 last year…to gasoline hitting highs not seen since 2014 this year…it’s been a volatile time to be an oil and gas operator. Yesterday, Cabot Oil and Gas announced a $14 billion merger of…


Go West: Yellowstone Breaks Visitation Record

You can always count on Old Faithful — Yellowstone National Park’s most famous geyser has erupted more than a million times since it was discovered in 1870. It’s more reliable than a Lexus. And with tourism around the world still…


Airline Startup Breeze Airways Takes Flight

It’s the perfect name for an airline with a tailwind. Breeze Airways, the fifth airline founded by David Neeleman, announced it will launch its inaugural flight services at the end of the month. On top of focusing on routes ignored…


Lipstick Sales Just Skyrocketed 80%

There’s no way to dress this up: 2020 was a hard year for the make-up industry. Sales plummeted with people home from work, no social functions, no restaurants, no weddings, no reason to look fancy. But 2021 is different, and…


Big Tech Attacks the Right to Repair

Across American state houses, a classic David and Goliath story is playing out. A group of small business owners, hobbyists, and activists are battling for their rights…to repair tech gadgets. U.S. tech giants have placed tight restrictions on who can…

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Startup That Helps Other Startups Fund Themselves Picks up $2 Billion Valuation

It’s a literal pipe dream. Pipe, a less than two-year-old fintech company, announced a $250 million capital raise yesterday at a $2 billion valuation. Co-CEO Harry Hurst claimed his startup is the fastest fintech to ever reach that valuation. So…


EU Will Reopen to Holiday Goers; JetBlue Will Airlift Them to London

Cape May or Mykonos? The Met or the Uffizi? To the travel bugs out there: the world is now your oyster. On Wednesday, diplomats from the European Union’s 27 member states agreed to allow vaccinated travelers, as well as those…


International Energy Agency Calls for An End to New Oil Investments

The folks over at Lambo must have had an early read on this story. The International Energy Agency made a distressing alert on Tuesday: while “still achievable,” the path to net-zero emissions by 2050 — a central pillar of the…


Google Doubles Down in Healthcare Tech

Google’s advertising business has never been healthier. Soon, the tech talents from Mountain View will apply their prowess to assist consumers in self-diagnosing hundreds of skin conditions ranging from acne to melanoma. The Story Google chose dermatology as its first…


Lambo Goes Electric: Supercar Maker Drops $1.8 Billion on Hybrids

“I just bought a Lamborghini, I’m not even into racing,” boasted Drake in 2010. That’s because from Vanilla Ice to Miami Vice, the Italian luxury sports car has always signalled one thing: status. Now, it’s adding a second signal: eco-conscious….

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