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World’s Biggest Gold Miner Makes $17 Billion Acquisition Bid

There’s gold in them there… mergers and acquisitions. Newmont, the world’s largest gold miner by output, announced Monday it’s making an offer for Australia’s biggest miner, Newcrest, valuing it at $17 billion. Gold M&A has been steadily gaining traction over…

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Amazon Added Facebook’s Satellite Unit to Its Multibillion-Dollar Effort to Beam the Internet From Space

In the race to bring wireless satellite internet to the world, Facebook is taking a cue from its founder’s stint at Harvard…and dropping out. On Wednesday, the company confirmed it’s given up on ambitions to beam broadband connectivity from satellites…


Apple Ramps Up 2021 iPhone Production by 20%

A flexible schedule, a tent, and plenty of patience. Those are the bare necessities required to get your hands on one of the first copies of a new iPhone model. And this year, Apple is expecting more frenzied day-one buyers…


China and Europe Unveil Massive Plans to Fight Climate Change

Wednesday was quite the “Green Day,” but it had little to do with the Grammy-winning pop-punk band. China announced it is launching the world’s biggest carbon market, with trading kicking off Friday. At the same time, the European Commission unveiled…


Japanese Companies Paid $3 Billion for Tokyo Olympics Marketing And Could End Up With Little To Show For It

When five dozen Japanese companies paid over $3 billion to sponsor the Tokyo Olympics — a level of domestic promotion unseen in the history of the Games — they likely envisioned packed stadiums of onlookers from all over the world…


From Caffeine To Cocoa, Indulgences Are Back On The Menu

A few sips of caffeine or nibbles of chocolate can provide a nice breather during a hectic workday. But the latest figures out of these indulgent industries suggest there is a lot more gulping and gobbling going on than sipping…

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Boeing Cuts 787 Production After Latest in a Line of Production Snags

With its 787 Dreamliner jet plagued by production problems since August, it seems like Boeing has registered more unforced errors this year than the whole of Wimbledon. Delays on the model have already cost the company $8 billion, and on…


A Challenger Emerges: Singapore MMA Upstart Squares Up Against UFC

Group One, a Singapore mixed martial arts (MMA) promoter that’s built a massive, millennial-driven following in Asia, has just tapped a top U.S. baseball and basketball media executive to help establish its brand in the American octagon. David Levy, who…


BioBonds Could Bring Wall Street’s Tool Chest to Medical Research

Early-stage disease treatment research is often amply funded by governments or nonprofits. And once a treatment shows promise, you can be sure the venture capitalists and big pharmaceuticals will come knocking. But between those phases, funding tends to run dry…


Is Virgin Galactic Headed To The Moon?

By this point you’ve likely heard: Richard Branson successfully completed his journey on the VSS Unity on Sunday, reaching an altitude of 53.4 miles above the earth. Whether that means he entered outer space may still be up for debate,…


“I Do” Times Two: Wedding Market Roars Back to Make Up for Lost Time

Save the date. No…scratch that. Save all the dates. After a yearlong hiatus from wedding toasts and The Isley Brothers’ dancefloor magnet “Shout,” Americans are now getting married at a feverish pace — with no sign the knot-tying will slow…

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