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South Africa’s Gold Fields Buying Canada’s Yamana to Create World’s Fourth Biggest Miner

Here’s a business deal for gold times’ sake. On Tuesday, South African mining firm Gold Fields announced a deal to buy Canada’s Yamana Gold in a $6.7 billion, all-share deal. While the acquisition would make Fields the world’s fourth-biggest mining…

Out With the Old and In With the…Old?

Netflix launched its first streaming service “Watch Now” in 2017, making it a pioneer of a nascent but promising industry. Over the ensuing decade, Netflix racked up tens of millions of subscribers and raced to a $200+ billion market cap….


Tiger Woods is Back at Your Fingertips

It’s been less than a month since Tiger Woods was seriously injured in a car accident, casting doubt on his ability to once-more kickstart his illustrious pro golf career. No matter what happens in the realm of 3D, Tiger isn’t…


New Toys ‘R Us Owner Will Bring Back The Bricks And Mortar

Toys ‘R Us is under new management, and the once-beloved toy store’s latest owner is planning to re-open retail locations in the U.S. If, for you, that conjures up a mental image of a dilapidated strip mall, you’re not alone….


Danone CEO Sacked Amid Shareholder Revolt

Two weeks ago Danone CEO Emmanuel Faber struck a compromise that would involve him stepping down as CEO but keeping his title as chairman. Yesterday, Danone handed Faber a raspberry-yogurt-colored slip, abruptly terminating him completely from his position at the…


American Ports Are Jam Packed

With stimulus checks beginning to hit bank accounts this weekend and consumer confidence on the rise across the board, the outlook for the economy is on the upswing. Many of America’s largest ports are crumbling under the pressure of record…

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Ford Fights Off Claims of Nepotism

The great-great-grandchildren of Henry Ford, the pioneering American industrialist, will soon step into influential roles on the board of their family’s namesake company. It’s probably safe to say they weren’t scouted on LinkedIn. Henry Ford’s Assembly Line For all but…


Flying High Once Again

After a pandemic travel slumber, Americans are slowly but surely making their way back to the friendly skies. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screened 1.3 million people at airports on Friday, the highest figure in almost a year. You can…


One if by Space, Two if by Sea

Whether it’s the gaggle of billionaires trying to tackle space travel, or a separate group of billionaires trying to dominate the sea at the America’s cup, the well-heeled have always had an appetite for the adventurous. Let’s check-in on a…


Pakistan Says TikTok’s Time Is Up

TikTok App

Pakistan banned TikTok on Thursday, as a high court pointed to “immoral and objectionable” content on the short-video platform. That’s quite an indictment… Perhaps the country’s prime minister was just tired of being skewered by teens on the internet. Chinese…


Hebrew National is on The Hot Seat

Rest assured, this story is not expected to have an impact on the upcoming BBQ season. Food giant ConAgra Brands is reportedly in talks to sell Hebrew National — the famous kosher hot dog brand — to Brazil’s JBS. Hot…

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