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Heading Into Miami Grand Prix Weekend, Formula One Looks like a Full-Fledged American Phenomenon

For much of its history, Formula One was seen as a posh foreign spectacle best left to Monaco and Milan — a bitter, upscale negroni to NASCAR’s light, hoppy lager. This weekend, the open-wheel, single-seater racing series takes over Miami….


Paul Singer’s Hedge Fund in Talks to Sell AC Milan for €1 Billion

This is a message to the owners of the New York Jets: winning leads to more money. Try it out. Just look at US hedge fund Elliott Management, now on the cusp of selling a top Italian soccer team acquired…


WWE is Tapping a Pipeline of College Talent

For a handful of college athletes, life is about to get a lot more… colorful. Instead of studying urban design, they’ll be headed to “Suplex City” (courtesy of former University of Minnesota D1 wrestling champ Brock Lesnar). Instead of imitating…


Soccer Powerhouse Chelsea FC Meets Its Match: Economic Sanctions

Imagine your favorite sports team was banned from selling tickets and merchandise, banned from re-signing some of its best players, banned from signing new players, and given an allowance so stiff it might not be able to afford to get…


LA’s Hotel Industry Suffers from Super Bowl Home Field Disadvantage

The location of the Super Bowl, arguably the biggest annual cultural event in America, is chosen years in advance. That gives hotels ample time to prepare for the tens of thousands of pigskin-loving fans that will descend on their city….

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Saudi-led Group Scores English Premier League’s Newcastle United Soccer Team

With just five FIFA World Cup appearances, only one of which saw advancement past the initial group rounds, it’s safe to say that Saudi Arabia is not a soccer powerhouse. But the wealthy nation can now at least claim (some)…


Shares Of Sportsbook Firms Swell Ahead Of NFL Season

The NFL is back, which means so are warm bowls of spicy chili on Sunday afternoons, endless sports talk radio chatter about yet another Tom Brady title defense, and gambling. Lots and lots and lots of legalized, amateur, often-online gambling….


NFL Broadcasters Await Early Returns On $105-Billion Investment

Between a turbulent election season and a reality-altering pandemic, life in 2020 proved to be more disruptive than the Seattle Seahawks’ infamous “No Fly Zone” secondary. One could be forgiven if watching football slipped on the list of priorities. But…


MLB’s ‘Field of Dreams’ Game Draws Most Fox Viewers in Sixteen Years

If you broadcast it, they will tune in. That was the takeaway from Major League Baseball’s Hollywood-infused ‘Field of Dreams’ game between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox held Saturday. The movie-themed contest averaged 5.9 million viewers across…


Real Madrid Furious After Spain’s Top Soccer League Agrees to Sell a Stake To Private Equity

La Liga, Spain’s biggest soccer league and the home to global superstars like Lionel Messi, agreed Wednesday to sell a 10% stake for €2.7 billion to CVC Capital Partners, one of the world’s top private equity firms. On paper, the…

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