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New York Will Soon Have Mobile Sports Betting…And A Healthy Tax Windfall

The Yankees just won a series against the Phillies, but hardcore New York sports fans now have another reason to celebrate. Soon, they’ll be able to bet on sports games from the comfort of their couches. In April, Governor Cuomo…


A Challenger Emerges: Singapore MMA Upstart Squares Up Against UFC

Group One, a Singapore mixed martial arts (MMA) promoter that’s built a massive, millennial-driven following in Asia, has just tapped a top U.S. baseball and basketball media executive to help establish its brand in the American octagon. David Levy, who…


College Athletes Can Soon Cash In On Their Name, Image, And Likeness Rights

College sports, long considered either a stepping stone to professional play or the final competitive milestone for amateur athletes, are about to witness a major change. Starting July 1, student-athletes in six states—Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, and New Mexico—will…


Short Sellers are Coming For DraftKings’ Crown

Somebody call Tony Soprano. Yesterday famous short-seller Hindenberg research came out with a damning report claiming that DraftKings, the fantasy sports and online gambling app, earns a significant portion of its revenue from illegal gambling markets. The Story DraftKings went…


Genius Sports Brings High-Tech and Data to NBA’s African League

If Billy Beane of Moneyball was a brand, he’d be Genius Sports. The U.K.-based firm, which works with media companies, sports books, and the “entire sports ecosystem” to unlock the power of real-time data, made its public debut earlier this…

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Private Equity Tries to Make a Big Rugby Splash

If there were any lessons to be learned from the failed European Super League, Silver Lake Capital failed to get the memo. The Menlo Park-based private equity firm is closing in on a $282 million, 12.5% stake in the New…


Soccer’s Super League Fell Apart, Now for the Financial Consequences

You’ve probably heard the crazy rumblings from the world of soccer this week. It began Sunday when 12 European football titans from England, Italy and Spain announced they were breaking away to form their own Super League. The plan was…


A-Rod Picks a Huge Loser In Minnesota

A World Series champion is taking over basketball’s biggest loser. Three-time AL MVP Alex Rodriguez and founder Marc Lore have agreed to buy the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves, currently and historically the league’s worst franchise, for a cool $1.5 billion….


The NFL Signs with Amazon

2020 was, clearly, a disaster in every way imaginable for the NFL. League insiders say teams missed out on a collective $3-$4 billion in revenue last season. But nothing can hold the NFL down for long. The league is reportedly…


Teens Will Make Six Figures in New Overtime Basketball League

Mike Krzyzewski is going to be furious when he reads this. On Thursday short-form video platform “Overtime” announced it will launch a professional basketball league. The league will recruit 16-to-18 year olds willing to forfeit their remaining high school years…

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