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Remote Work Major Driver of Home Price Spike, Study Finds

Hate the housing market? You may have your remote-working self to blame.

Drive-Through Lanes Came Back in a Big Way, They’re Here to Stay

If you come to a fork in the road, odds are it might have been left there by someone who just exited the drive-through. New data shows demand for grabbing a meal without leaving the comfort of the driver’s seat…


A Record Low Number of People Think Now is the Time to Buy a House

Only a quarter of Americans, the fewest ever on record, consider right now the right time to purchase a new abode, according to a survey released Monday by Fannie Mae. Rising home prices and mortgage rates have scared away consumers…


Move Over San Francisco, Boston Could Soon be America’s Second Most Expensive Place to Rent

Founding father Benjamin Franklin was born and raised in Boston, so it’s somewhat fitting that the city’s rental market is now all about the Benjamins. In a shocking development, new data shows Boston is poised to overtake notoriously expensive San…


WeWork Co-Founder Adam Neumann Is Now a $1 Billion Landlord

In late 2019, the majority owner of WeWork, Japanese conglomerate Softbank, was so desperate to get rid of the company’s erratic CEO Adam Neumann it paid him a combined $778 million in consulting fees and stock purchases to leave. But…


There is No Doubt Self-Storage Businesses Have Won the Pandemic

In good times and in bad times, whether it’s moving in together, taking on a new city, or that long-awaited renovation project Americans need a place to store their stuff. New data shows the pandemic has been no different, and…

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Vacant Strip Mall Space is Filling Up as People Shop for Food In Person

Shoppers are opting for fresh air over Fresh Direct, and storefronts are opening back up. New data shows customers returning to shopping centers are bringing a windfall for US landlords, who leased 17 million square feet of space during the…


100 New Houses in Texas Will Come Out of a 3-D Printer

To build the frame of a house, it usually takes four to five skilled carpenters outfitted with industrial tools and enough sarcastic banter to last a week. For a new project in Austin, someone will just press Ctrl+P. Icon, a…


Rate Of First-Time Home Buyers Shrinks To 2-Year Low

It may be reductive, but life can sometimes be charted by a series of milestones. High-school diploma, college degree, first car, marriage, first kid, and so on. Increasingly, there’s one significant milestone being largely cut out of the sequence: first-time…


As Tides Rise, So Do Prices for Oceanside Properties

Florida already has 120,000 properties at risk of tidal flooding, according to the academic consortium Sea Level Rise, a number expected to climb along with sea levels. New data released Thursday suggests the risks aren’t bothering homebuyers, as oceanfront property…


U.S. Homes Are Selling At Record Premiums, and Austin is at the Forefront

“Everything’s bigger in Texas.” The often hyperbolic saying is right on the money when it comes to home prices in the capital of the Lone Star State. This year, Austin, TX has seen 2,700 homes sell for $100,000 or more…

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