Retailers Struggle to Move Inventory, Slowing Shipping Industry

Nike has too many shoes, not good news for the global shipping industry.

Home Depot Beats Expectations Despite Fewer Customers

During the pandemic, Home Depot became the King of the DIY fixers. On Tuesday, it added a new jewel to its crown for toppling those who doubted it could keep up the momentum. Despite losing customers in the first three…


Shopify Buys a $2.1 Billion Piece of the Supply Chain as Ecommerce Stalls

Ecommerce standout and aspiring Amazon competitor Shopify announced Thursday that it agreed to buy Deliverr, an order-fulfillment specialist, for $2.1 billion. Unfortunately, that hefty investment comes just as Shopify, and the ecommerce sector as a whole, weathers one of its…


Amazon Enables Prime Perks to Third-Party Retail Sites

Amazon is ubiquitous. Need groceries? Shop at Whole Foods. Feeling like a movie? Stream one on Amazon Prime Video. Need literally any household good? The Amazon delivery truck perpetually roving your neighborhood will drop it off in a day or…


Starbucks CEO to Step Down, Howard Schultz Back as Interim Chief

Five years after he took over the reins of Starbucks, CEO Kevin Johnson announced Wednesday that he’s making his grande exit. The sudden announcement means Howard Schultz, who has twice led the Seattle-based coffee powerhouse and is credited with turning…


One Meme to Another: Gamestop Chairman Takes Stake in Bed Bath & Beyond

As the chairman of Gamestop, billionaire investor Ryan Cohen is already in the role of purported savior of a struggling retail firm beloved by unpredictable meme stock traders. Now he’s expanding the job. Cohen has taken a big stake in…

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Shopify Announces Plans To Bolster Its Warehouse And Delivery Network

In an age where seemingly everything is bought and sold on Amazon, Shopify has done the impossible. By providing a platform for merchants, brands, and traditional retailers to bring their stores into the internet age, the Canadian ecommerce upstart has…


Bed Bath & Beyond’s Pandemic Plans Completely Backfire

If you’re looking for a MasterClass on the Dos and Don’ts of retail business, Bed Bath & Beyond may have some lessons to teach— with an emphasis on Don’ts. At the onset of the pandemic, the big box home goods…


Amazon’s Opening a Futuristic, Shop-by-Code Clothing Store

Amazon has disrupted pharmacies, small business lending, cloud computing, the fulfillment and delivery supply chain, and who could forget the entire global retail economy. Now it has a new target: the changing room. On Thursday, the ecommerce titan announced it’ll…


Luxury Market Goods Beating Forecasts

In 2022, Champagne wishes and caviar dreams are coming true. Sales of expensive goods including diamonds, designer handbags, and watches soared over the holiday season, lifting profits for luxury brands, sales stats released Wednesday revealed. Famous for its iconic plaid-lined…


Bed, Bath & Beyond Slips In Wedding Registries Rankings

If you feel like you have more wedding invitations stacking up than usual heading into the New Year, you’re not alone. 2022 is set to see the most weddings in nearly forty years. But not everyone is making the guest…

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