Retailers Struggle to Move Inventory, Slowing Shipping Industry

Nike has too many shoes, not good news for the global shipping industry.

Blackstone Acquires Majority Stake In Supergoop

We may be entering the dark doldrums of winter, but Blackstone is already checking items off its summer shopping list. First up: sunscreen. On Monday, Bloomberg reported the behemoth investment firm is acquiring a majority stake in sunscreen and skincare…


Turkey’s Economic Crisis Threatens Nutella Supply Chain

There’s an economic crisis in one part of the world and, everywhere else, artisanal crêpes are in danger. The place is Turkey, where an outlandish and widely criticized monetary policy has wiped away half the local currency’s value this year….


Capital One is Ditching Overdraft Fees (and $150 Million in Revenue)

It’s not every day that the takeaway from a story is that a banker has done objective, uncontroversial good for the world. That day has come. On Wednesday, Capital One announced it’s eliminating overdraft banking fees, making it the largest…


Toys R’ Us Plans Comeback in Giant New Jersey Megamall

It’s been three years and one abandoned reopening attempt since Toys R ‘Us — the epicentre of Furby and Pokemon mania in the days when big box stores ruled the retail roost — was last in the brick-and-mortar retail business….


Amazon to Overtake UPS and FedEx as America’s Largest Delivery Service

There’s the inevitable, and then there’s Amazon. On Monday, the head of the company’s consumer business said Amazon — which depended on UPS and FedEx for shipping when it launched as an online bookstore in 1995 — will overtake those…

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More Stores are Opening than Closing for the First Time Since 2017

Remember when retail stores were considered a thing of the past? Not anymore. For the first time in four years (when the term “Stand Back” was nothing more than an earworm in your mom’s record collection) US retailers will open…


Billionaires Face Supply Snags For Yachts, Private Jets, And Other Luxury Goods

Gas prices are up. Store shelves are a little more sparse. And your Thanksgiving turkey is probably a little more expensive than usual. But let’s talk about the kitchen table issues that really matter. That is, if your kitchen table…


Morgan Stanley Thinks Luxury Brands Could Rule the Metaverse

Owning a piece of immaculately detailed embroidery or stark, angular sunglasses by iconic Italian fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana is an unquestionable statement of taste, luxury, and style. Morgan Stanley thinks putting them on an avatar of yourself will someday…


Two Years and 17 Million Podcast Ads After its IPO, Casper is Being Taken Private

Casper Sleep was considered a pioneer of the direct-to-consumer movement along with glasses retailer Warby Parker and sneaker firm Allbirds. But two years after its vaunted IPO, the company is going direct-to-private-equity with its memory-foam tail between its legs. The…


As Waistbands Return, Blackstone Buys a Majority Stake in Spanx

Many have tried to predict what post-pandemic fashion will look like. Noted fashion connoisseurs Blackstone Group are betting that “nap dresses” will soon be discarded in favor of form-fitting looks. Today the company bought a majority stake in Spanx, the…

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