Spotify Pulls Hundreds of Comedians Who Say They’re Getting Stiffed on Royalties

When it comes to famous jokesters like John Mulaney, Tiffany Haddish, and Kevin Hart, Spotify isn’t laughing. The world’s largest audio streaming service removed hundreds of comedians from its library in recent weeks, after they demanded payment for writing material…


Prices Soar for TV and Film Facilities as CBS Studio Fetches $1.8 Billion

The next stage of the streaming wars is being filmed live in front of a live studio audience. CBS Studio Center, the Los Angeles complex where Seinfeld, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and other classic sitcoms were taped, is expected…


Streaming Services are Running Out of Americans

Netflix’s hit series Squid Game — a phenomenon that inspired thousands of Halloween costumes, Walmart stocking T-shirts with its logo, and a $3.4 million cryptocurrency scam — has taken hold of the zeitgeist like few shows ever do. It’s also…


Spotify’s Bet Big on Podcasts Hitting Jackpot

They say talk is cheap, but … man! … does it ever make money! On Wednesday, Spotify reported that its advertising revenue was up 75% from a year ago. Driving the surge is two years of investments in podcasting, once…


Netflix Estimates Nearly $900 Million Value From “Squid Game” So Far

Just how, exactly, do streaming services measure success? Traditional films have box office returns. Traditional television has Nielsen ratings. Even YouTube and TikTok videos track views, shares, and likes. But for Hulu, HBOMax and the like, success remains a secret:…

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Netflix is Going to Start Selling Stuff on Walmart’s Website

A store for the planet’s largest online streaming service stuck inside the website of America’s largest big-box retailer? The world’s seen Stranger Things. On Monday, Netflix announced it has Nailed It! by teaming up with Walmart to launch a dedicated…


NBC Channels on Youtube TV Could Go Dark Thursday As Companies Feud

NBCUniversal is threatening a lot of cancellations this Fall TV season — warning customers with YouTube TV accounts that over a dozen of its networks could disappear from the platform this week in a petty public throwdown between the old…


Apple TV+ is Woefully Short on Streaming Customers

Apple has spent billions to enter the streaming market, but so far it’s struggling to find a core audience. The world’s most valuable company splashes up to $15 million on a single episode for its Apple TV+ service, but new…


Amazon (Along with Practically Every Other Tech Giant) is Building Up its Live Audio Portfolio

While watching a streamed Phish concert may not evoke all the nuanced sounds and sights (and smells) of the live performance, big tech is betting that music fans have a healthy appetite for virtual gigs. Axios reported Tuesday that Amazon…


South Park Creators Ink $900 Million Deal With Paramount+

Love them or hate them, it’s difficult to dismiss the comedic brain trust behind the potty-mouthed, squeaky-voiced animated sitcom South Park. What started as a college cartoon short film and quickly morphed into Comedy Central’s cornerstone series, South Park has…

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