Amazon Says the FTC is Harassing Its Top Executives With Subpoenas

Just leave Jeff alone!! That’s Amazon’s plaintive message for the Federal Trade Commission after the regulator’s same-day delivery of enough subpoenas for its executives to fill a David Foster Wallace novel. Billionaire’s Burden Last year, the FTC began probing the…


Thoma Bravo Agrees to Acquire Ping Identity in $2.8 Billion Take-Private Bid

Goldman Sachs

Ping Identity, an enterprise authentication software company, may have some value left to unlock — though it might just require a fingerprint scan, and $2.8 billion, to do so. That’s exactly what private equity firm Thoma Bravo must’ve been thinking…


Meta’s Facebook is Done Paying Publishers for News Tab Content

Things just went from news you can use to news you can lose. Meta confirmed Thursday that it will stop paying US publishers to run their content on Facebook’s News tab, following an Axios report. The Moody News Meta launched…


An Artificial Intelligence Predicted the Shape of Nearly Every Known Protein

Everyone knows the sci-fi movie cliche of an artificial intelligence program inevitably slipping down a villainous path. Thankfully, when it’s not scripted by a Hollywood screenwriter, a super smart AI isn’t all bad. On Thursday, Alphabet-owned, UK-based AI firm DeepMind…


Google, Microsoft Find Strength in the Cloud Computing Business

The sky may be falling for Big Tech this year, but there’s at least one giant silver lining in the dark, stormy clouds. Literally. Microsoft and Google-parent company Alphabet missed analysts’ expectations in earnings calls earlier this week. But a…

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The Senate Just Gave 52 Billion Reasons to Be Optimistic About the Chip Shortage

No more days of letting the chips fall where they may. The United States Senate voted 64-32, in a significant bipartisan showing, to advance a bill that will provide $52 billion in subsidies for American semiconductor manufacturers. The generational effort…


Crunchbase Raises $50 Million in a World of Down Rounds

In 2006, British mathematician Clive Humby famously proclaimed, “Data is the new oil.” If that’s the case, venture capital tracking platform Crunchbase is dripping in it. Crunchbase, an essential subscription service for investors, analysts, and financial stakeholders for its huge…


Europe’s Most Valuable Startup Was Worth $46 Billion Last Year; It’s Down 85%

A year after earning a $46 billion price tag, Swedish payments firm Klarna announced Monday that it raised $800 million at a valuation of $6.7 billion. That’s a dramatic 85% drop for the pioneering buy now, pay later (BNPL) firm….


Venture Capital Funding Has Tumbled Back to 2020 Levels

Last month, Silicon Valley kingmaker Y Combinator warned startup founders to ”cut costs,” “extend your runway,” and “plan for the worst” as declining markets suggested venture capital funding would soon dry up like a California desert. On Monday, new data…


Big Tech Firms Pour Millions into Ads Opposing Antitrust Legislation

Silicon Valley giants like Google, Meta, and Amazon are typically thought of as ruthless competitors, but now they’re acting in unison against a common threat. With bipartisan support swelling for increased antitrust regulation against tech’s biggest players, tech-funded advocacy groups…

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