EU Will Mandate a Common Phone Charger by 2024

One port to charge them all, one port to combine them. On Tuesday, the European Union announced it will force smartphone manufacturers to use a standard USB-C charging port, ending the ritual of asking around at the office until you…


Apple’s Mysterious New Headset is Only a Year Away

What will it take to convince hundreds of millions of ‘regular’ people to walk around — in their everyday lives — wearing a virtual reality headset? The world’s largest tech company may soon have the answer. After changing the course…


The Global Chip Crunch Might Finally Be Easing

We have been living through the global semiconductor shortage for two years now. But new data shows the chip crunch — as it’s more deliciously known — may finally be easing. Not everyone, however, will be cracking open a celebratory…


Wisconsin Town Desperately Seeking Tenant For Foxconn Plant

It may not have come with as much fanfare as Amazon’s HQ2, but iPhone assembler Foxconn’s high-tech plant was once destined to transform Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin into a high-tech manufacturing hub. Five years later, local residents are worried the five-square-mile…


The EU Accuses Apple of Abusing Its Mobile Payments Power

The conversation about the future of digital wallets is due to reverberate with the sound of real coins clinking in billions of virtual pockets. Analysts at Juniper Research predict that by 2026 — that’s in less than four years —…

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Apple Has (Kind of) Opened Up to the Right to Repair

On Wednesday, Apple finally opened the door for customers and independent technicians wanting to perform DIY fixes on iPhones and Mac computers. The crack is barely big enough to let in the light of day. A new online store run…


Carbon Credit Firms Are Listing in Speculative-Friendly Canada

Canada may be parodied for its purportedly uptight politeness and staid banking culture, yet when it comes to the country’s equity markets, The Great White North has behaved more like the Wild Wild West. Take the latest example. A growing…


Tech Startups Face Widespread Stock Sell-Offs

If billion-dollar tech startups have gone from ultra-rare unicorns to overpopulated invasive species, then 2022 may mark the start of open hunting season. Just like public company big brothers such as Meta, Alphabet, and Amazon face major stock slumps to…


Apple’s Small Fintech Acquisition Could Proceed A Credit Card Takeover

Apple officially removed “Computer” from its name in 2007 as a nod to the company’s shift to consumer electronics like the iPhone. Since then, Apple has conquered more than just smartphones. Lucrative digital services — like the App Store, Apple…


Corporate Spending Startup Ramp Raises $750 Million at an $8 Billion Valuation

In 2022, spotting a unicorn is no longer that rare or impressive. Nearly 1,000 private companies fit the billion-dollar valuation description, according to CB Insights. So what is still rare and impressive? Achieving so-called octocorn status. Corporate credit card and…

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