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Shanghai Disney Locks Visitors Inside Park Amid COVID Outbreak

That’s a lot of Disney World for even the most hardcore Mouseketeer. Shanghai Disney visitors expecting a treat had quite a Halloween trick on Monday when the park was shut down after a COVID outbreak, locking all guests inside until…

(Photo Credit – Pan Xiaozhen/Unsplash)

Pickleball Courts are the Trendy New Luxury Real Estate Addition

First came the infinity pools, then the steam baths, and then the bespoke golf courses. Luxury real estate developers have always spared no expense to obtain the most highly coveted symbols of sophistication and wealth. According to new data, there’s…


New Jersey Casinos Betting on Smokers

Casinos have for years been one of the last bastions for the smoker. Long gone are the days when lighting up in an elevator, on an airplane, at a restaurant, or even in a bar was tolerated, let alone legal….


Disney Announces Master-Planned Residential Communities

The Walt Disney Corporation’s latest venture will either result in The Happiest Place On Earth or a total nightmare, depending on who you ask. On Wednesday, the House of Mouse announced plans for “Storyliving by Disney,” a series of meticulously…


Investment Firms Enter Short-Term Rental Market

Vacations aren’t what they used to be. Nowadays, stay-at-home workers with no limits on how far they can be from the office have nothing stopping them from taking a vacation while working. Most vacation homes– where traveling remote workers often…


Ski Resorts Are Struggling to Find Enough Staff to Keep Open

The annual call to “hit the slopes” usually means speed and exercise amid the thrilling beauty of nature. This year, it’s more like heading to the DMV. New data shows ski resorts this winter have been slowed — even halted…

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2021 is the Biggest Winning Year for US Casinos, But One Gambling Hub is Hedging Its Bets

The house always wins, and this year it wiped the card table with the opposition. On Thursday, the American Gaming Association announced US casinos have already broken the record for most money won in a single year, pulling in $44.2…


B2B Travel Startup Hotel Engine Scores A $65 Million Series B

You know the story by now. As COVID cases rise, stay-home stocks like Peloton and Zoom boom. When COVID cases fall, businesses focused on the outside world get a bump. But there’s one startup that’s been able to avoid the…


International Travel Restrictions are Coal Up NYC Hotels’ Stocking

New York City is usually a circus come December as tourists fill high-priced hotels there to gawk at the Bergdorf Goodman windows, chuckle at The Book of Mormon, and gorge themselves at the Nuts for Nuts street-vendor carts. But the…


Shunned by 12 Buyers, Japanese Golf Company Sells for $3.5 Billion

Japan’s largest golf course owner never sank a putt during acquisition talks with six of the world’s top private equity firms — three of them walked away immediately, and none put in a bid. But on Wednesday Accordia Golf landed…


A Tale of Two Sin Cities

Reopening from a worldwide pandemic was always going to be a risky bet for Las Vegas and Macau, the world’s two largest gambling hubs. New government data released on Monday shows that one city’s roll has come up snake eyes,…

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