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Shanghai Disney Locks Visitors Inside Park Amid COVID Outbreak

That’s a lot of Disney World for even the most hardcore Mouseketeer. Shanghai Disney visitors expecting a treat had quite a Halloween trick on Monday when the park was shut down after a COVID outbreak, locking all guests inside until…

(Photo Credit – Pan Xiaozhen/Unsplash)

Major Hotels Are Going All-In On All-Inclusive Resorts

While airlines seem to have scrapped all complimentary amenities beyond a cup of water and a tiny pack of pretzels, the biggest names in the hotel industry are actually shifting away from the à la carte model. Wyndham Hotels &…


Blackstone Sells Cosmopolitan Casino And Hotel For $5.65 Billion

To paraphrase the immortal words of Kenny Rogers: You gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away… and know when to sell your 3,000-room hotel, casino, nightclub, and resort for billions of…


Live Nation Expands Concert Empire With $450 Million Mexico Acquisition

How do you say “astronomical ticket fees” in Spanish? Live Nation, America’s largest concert promoter and the bane of music fans’ wallets, said Monday it has reached an agreement to acquire Mexico’s largest concert promoter OCESA Entretenimiento for $450 million….


Bill Gates Buys Out Saudi Arabian Prince For Controlling Stake in The Four Seasons

Millions of people ate up HBO Max’s The White Lotus, which follows well-heeled, dysfunctional guests on vacation at a luxury hotel in Hawaii. Part of the spectacle was the lavish suites and sprawling infinity pools, filmed at The Four Seasons…


Greece Becomes Hot Destination For Superyacht Crowd

This summer vacation season, isolation was the en vogue luxury experience. Super-affluent families hoping for a lavish trip while skipping the COVID crowds have found the perfect solution: chartering a superyacht, where the only people present are themselves and any…

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Elon Musk Says SpaceX’s Starship Orbital Stack To Be Ready For Launch In Few Weeks

As Nobel-prize-winning physicist (and inventor of the laser) Arthur Leonard Schawlow once said, “Anything worth doing is worth doing twice, the first time quick and dirty and the second time the best way you can.” Elon Musk has apparently taken…


England Welcomes Back Jabbed American And EU Tourists Starting Monday

They won’t roll out the royal carpet for you (that’s reserved for a select few), but Buckingham Palace is yours to explore once more. Beginning this coming Monday, fully-vaccinated Americans and European tourists are welcome to enter and roam around…


New Englanders—Well Most of Them—Want Tourism Back

A year after shutting its scenic tourist economies down for the pandemic, New England is rumbling back. In Vermont, the state is fractions of a percentage point away from lifting all pandemic restrictions when it hits an 80% first vaccination…


Go West: Yellowstone Breaks Visitation Record

You can always count on Old Faithful — Yellowstone National Park’s most famous geyser has erupted more than a million times since it was discovered in 1870. It’s more reliable than a Lexus. And with tourism around the world still…


Airline Startup Breeze Airways Takes Flight

It’s the perfect name for an airline with a tailwind. Breeze Airways, the fifth airline founded by David Neeleman, announced it will launch its inaugural flight services at the end of the month. On top of focusing on routes ignored…

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