The State of Fast Food and Fast Casual, Explained

You know that feeling. Or perhaps you used to. It’s about 1 p.m. You’re in the office, at your desk. Hungry. You need something familiar, quick, and relatively inexpensive. A fat-happy burger-chain meal doesn’t align with your diet – you’d…


Survey Defines Just What the Threshold for ‘Wealthy’ Is

Achieving “wealth” isn’t unusual goa. Unfortunately, the act of doing so is one game in which the goal posts keep moving — at least, according to one influential survey. According to Charles Schwab’s recently released annual Modern Wealth survey, the…


US Will Pitch in $200 Billion for Global Infrastructure to Challenge Chinese Influence

If you build it, they will come… under your influence. On Sunday, US President Joe Biden announced a $200 billion pledge to the G-7’s Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment, a multi-lateral plan among democratic countries to invest in infrastructure…


Pandemic Savings Could Help Blunt Recession Pains

While The Fed’s unenviable task of orchestrating a “soft landing” for the economy is increasingly precarious, the average American has something to land on in the event things come down hard: a cash cushion. After the pandemic allowed for near-unprecedented…


Denmark Tops Switzerland as Most Competitive Economy on Earth

Something is rotten in the state of… Switzerland? Yes, because Denmark — Shakespeare’s land of tumult and regicide — has overtaken the mountainous home of yodeling as the world’s most competitive economy, according to an influential annual survey. Copenhaves and…

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Mexico Hits Road Bumps En Route to Nationalizing its Energy Industry

Mexican President ​​Andrés Manuel López Obrador wants energy independence. Not from possibly-hostile foreign nations, but from multinational firms operating within his country’s borders. Now, his populist campaign to reclaim the oil-and-gas industry from private firms, has flipped the nation’s energy…


European Central Bank To Hike Rates For First Time in Over a Decade

All buono things must come to an ende. On Thursday, the European Central Bank committed next month to raising its primary interest rate, currently negative 0.5%, by a quarter-point next month. An even bigger hike is on the table for…


A Tight Lending Market is Squeezing Zombie Firms

They’re lumbering, stumbling, and hooked up to life support. They are, as some economists have dubbed them, “Zombie Firms.” Think American Airlines and Carnival Cruises — massive companies propped up by big-time name recognition and a friendly lending environment. But…


Israel’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Launches Today After a Long Wait

Israel’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Launches Today After a Long Wait

It only took eight years to say “Mazel Tov.” Almost a decade after it was founded, Israel’s long-delayed sovereign wealth fund launches today. For a country with famously volatile politics where governments can fall like Jenga blocks — last year,…


One Year Late, the US is Releasing Pandemic Small Business Stimulus

If there’s no pandemic downturn left to stimulate, can you still call it a pandemic stimulus? That’s the existential quandary of the $10 billion State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI), passed in Congress last year as part of a $1.9…

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Farm Strong: Understanding Agriculture as an Investment

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