Americans Rely Increasingly On Credit Cards and Home Equity

The US has a multi-trillion-dollar hangover and the debt market is its remedy of choice. The New York Federal Reserve on Tuesday revealed US household debt is at its highest level since the famously inauspicious year of 2008. The figures…

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James Bond, Matrix Special Effects Firm Goes Public in $1.6 Billion SPAC Merger

One of Hollywood’s most renowned special effects companies is jumping from the ones and zeros of coding The Matrix to the statistical frenzy of stock indexes. DNEG — whose visual creators have won Academy Awards for work on Tenet, Inception,…


A Week of Selloffs Came to a Halt, But Many Are Making Bearish Plans

Goldman Sachs

“Winter is here,” is how Morgan Stanley analysts described January’s stock market rout Monday, alluding to the Game of Thrones motto calling on warriors to steel themselves for harsh environments. At least the day brought a slight reprieve, as the…


Welcome to Earnings Season: Here’s What’s to Expect

Goldman Sachs

Was last week — when the S&P 500 fell 2% after crushing 2021 with 27% in gains — a case of New Year’s jitters or a preview of what’s to come in 2022? Earnings season kicks off this week, which…


Try Topping That: Markets Face a Tougher 2022 After Last Year’s Record Run

The S&P 500 has officially doubled since New Year’s 2018, the first time the index has produced a three year return of 100% since March 2000. Last year (that’s how we refer to 2021 now) the S&P hit seventy record…


Gigantic Corporate Debts Could Pin the Fed in an Inflation Trap

For the US Federal Reserve, 2022 is looking like a classic case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Inflation grew 6.8% in November, or the fastest in 40 years, but any rate hikes to slow rising consumer…

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Things Have Gone from Bad to Worse for SPACs to Round Out the Year

Goldman Sachs

There was a time in the far distant past when dinosaurs roamed the earth and when merging with a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC, was practically the hottest trend on Wall Street. All the way back in early 2021….


Half of 2021’s IPOs are Trading Below Their Debut Price

In a year of record-setting initial public offerings, some companies are taking the initial part a little too seriously. New data shows shares in almost half of all companies that raised $1 billion or more through an IPO this year…


Toast and Freshworks Soar in Their Public Market Debuts

Technology investors are having their cake and eating it too. Shares of Toast — which provides payment systems and software for the restaurant industry — popped 56% on Wednesday after a triumphant IPO. Freshworks — which sells customer service software…


Markets Tumble As China Faces a Lehman Brothers Moment

Chinese President Xi Jinping has unloaded more drama than is fit for an over-the-top Mexican soap opera on markets this year. But while previous clampdowns have left investors reeling, Xi’s latest flex is making many outright terrified. On Monday, China’s…


Wall Street’s Sudden Fear of Market Turmoil is Good News, Say Investment Analysts

Analysts at several of Wall Street’s top banks are worried about the U.S. stock market — six major institutions sent out warnings last week that a storm is on the way. But new research says Wall Street’s fear is actually…

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Extra Credit: The Shifting World of Private Credit Markets

Tale of the Tape: Warren Buffett and Cathie Wood

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