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US Inflation is the Highest in Three Decades

A ’90s fashion renaissance in the last couple of years has brought back the coolest trendsetters outfitted in once-forgotten bumbags, chokers, pastel silky slip dresses, tattered jeans, and Doc Martens. On Wednesday, one of the more unpleasant relics of that…


Renter Petrium Partners Acquires Flipper-Lender Anchor Loans

Pretium Partners, one of the country’s largest rental property owners, will acquire Anchor Loans, a major underwriter of small loans to professional home flippers for $1.5 billion, The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday. Maybe it is time to re-watch…


Growth Stalled Sharply in the Third Quarter

US economic growth went from a heroic sprint to a wheezing stumble over the summer, slowing rapidly as supply-chain bottlenecks and a resurgent pandemic dragged on retail, manufacturing, and hospitality. The US gross domestic product grew only 0.5% in the…


Paying the Piper

Democrats in Congress have trimmed a proposed $3.5 trillion spending proposal — one that would cover costs for education, child care, healthcare, and combating climate change — down to a cool $2 trillion. To pay for it, the lawmakers are…


Inflation Rate Passes Growth Of College Tuition Cost For First Time in Decades

The cost of college tuition has historically risen at a rate nearly four times that of inflation. But that changed this year, when the average uptick in the price of higher-education necessities such as laptops, notepads, books, binders, and —…

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China’s Economic Growth Rattled by Energy and Real Estate Troubles

The world’s second largest economy has run into a Great Wall. China’s National Bureau of Statistics announced Monday that the country’s GDP grew a weaker-than-expected 4.9% in the third quarter of 2021, compared to the second quarter of 2020. That’s…


Inflation Could Steer Global Economic Recovery into Trouble: IMF

The devil’s in the details on this one. On Tuesday, the International Monetary Fund lowered its 2021 growth forecast for the world economy to 5.9%, barely down a fraction from its 6% projection in July. It seems like no big…


Economists Win Nobel For Research Based in the Real World

The Nobel economics prize was awarded Monday to three — would you believe it — economists. Try again next year, horticulturists! But their work should be interesting even to those who can’t tell their Carl Menger from their Karl Marx:…


Walmart Charters Its Own Cargo Ships to Skirt Port Traffic Jams

Before Covid, it was rare to see more than one ship lined up at America’s biggest port complex, the Los Angeles and Long Beach terminal. As of today, there are over 60 of them, filled with billions worth of toys,…


The United States Avoids Default… For At Least Two Months

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned earlier this week that the U.S. economy was staring directly into a “catastrophe” as the debt ceiling closed in. Now, it’s more staring semi-comfortably from a safe distance at one. On Thursday, Democrats and Republicans…

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