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China Cracks Down Hard on Bitcoin, Journalism

When Xi Jinping and China’s ruling party don’t like something, it’s usually met with a crushing blow. Their latest targets – bitcoin miners and Hong Kong’s free press – are no exception. Apples to Orange Jumpsuits Apple Daily, a pro-democracy…


The Fed’s Potential Interest Rate Hike Gets a Calm Reaction

The U.S. Federal Reserve dropped a surprise on markets Wednesday with plans to raise the benchmark interest rate to 0.6% from near zero by late 2023, a year earlier than expected. After chewing on the news for 24 hours, markets…


17 Years Later, EU and U.S. Settle Airbus/Boeing Standoff

It’s always nice to see old friends bury the hatchet. On Tuesday, the U.S. and EU put an end to a bitter, 17-year trade standoff that started over aircraft subsidies for Boeing and Airbus. Billions of tariffs on both economies…


Four Million Americans Quit Their Jobs in April

Call it the Johnny Paycheck revolution. According to the Labor Department, more Americans are leaving their jobs than at any point in the last twenty years. About four million workers, or 2.7% of the entire labor force, departed positions in…


The Days of The Low-Cost Gig Economy Are Over

There was a time when you could Uber to the airport for $15 and catch all the flicks in theaters with MoviePass for $9.95 a month. There was also a time when you could see a John Wayne Western for…

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U.S. On Pace To Export Record $37 Billion of Agricultural Goods To China

China is pigging out on American exports, and U.S. farmers are bringing home the bacon. The United States is on track to ship a record $37.2 billion of farm goods to China in 2021, the U.S. Department of Agriculture forecasts,…


AMC Investor Buys $235 Million in New Stock, Then Promptly Dumps It

Viral meme stocks have seen some crazy days in 2021. Tuesday may have topped them all. Investment firm Mudrick Capital purchased $235 million of shares of AMC, one of the darling stocks among speculative investors on Reddit community WallStreetBets. AMC…


Facing a Demographic Dilemma, China Relaxes Birthing Policy to Allow 3 Children per Couple

Well, that backfired. China’s decades-long practice of imposing birth limits on families has left the People’s Republic with an aging populace and rock-bottom population growth. Faced with an emerging demographic dilemma, Beijing on Monday announced a continued unwinding of the…


U.S. Wages Are Shooting Up, Can Companies Take the Hit?

The Biden administration dished out a pretty straightforward tip to corporations desperate for workers: pay them more money. A few prominent firms seem to have taken the hint. Last week, McDonald’s announced a 10% wage bump for its restaurant workers….


EU Presses Pause on Tariff Increases as it Seeks Reconciliation With America

Is there a better way to celebrate letting bygones be bygones than with a toast? Not in this case. The European Union agreed Monday to pause its plans to raise tariffs on American whiskey, orange juice, and some other, non-libatious…

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