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Goldman Sachs’ Legal Bills are Getting Hefty

Goldman Sachs reported a great quarter on Wednesday.  Save for one thing –  their $1.1 billion legal bill related to some bad behavior in Malaysia.

The background:  It’s a long story – but we’ll give you a quick summary.  From 2012 to 2013, Goldman Sachs helped a Malaysian government investment fund called 1MDB raise $6.5 billion.  Then, over $4.5 billion of that money seemingly disappeared into thin air.  A few Goldman employees were directly involved with the siphoning of this money, while many others have been accused of failing to conduct proper due diligence.

But the ring-leader of the heist is believed to be a Malaysian financier named Jho Low.  Jho, who is still at-large, had quite a run galavanting with the cash.  

Couple big-ticket purchase highlights: 

  • $325k for a white Ferrari as a birthday present to Kim Kardashian
  • $8 million in jewelry for supermodel Miranda Kerr
  • $100 million investment into the production of Wolf of Wall Street

The Takeaway:

The fallout has been significant.  On top of meaningful reputational damage, the firm is negotiating a reported $2 billion fine with the U.S. Justice Department.

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