Biogen’s Alzheimer’s Drug Success Pops Stocks Across the Industry

Biogen’s Alzheimer’s breakthrough is good news for just about everybody.

Hearing Aids Receive Over-The-Counter Approval From the FDA

You heard it right. On Tuesday, the Federal Drug Administration cleared the way for people with mild to moderate hearing loss to acquire hearing aids without a trip to a hearing specialist or a doctor’s prescription. An Audible Boom Hearing…


New Drugs on Pace to Set Record High Prices This Year

In his hit song “I Want a New Drug, Huey Lewis also made clear that it shouldn’t “cost too much.” Wait till he gets a load of this. As drugmakers roll out new treatments this year, they’re charging record-high prices,…


TikTok’s Parent Company is Buying a Chain of Hospitals

No one generates viral content quite like TikTok, but now its parent wants to try its hand at stopping viral infections. On Tuesday, China-based ByteDance announced it’s buying a chain of hospitals for $1.5 billion. It’s not the first tech…


Amazon to Acquire Primary Care Provider One Medical

Five years ago, Amazon went from dipping its toes in the grocery industry to doing a full-on cannonball by acquiring Whole Foods. Now, the e-commerce king is taking the exact same splashy strategy to the world of healthcare. On Thursday,…


Hedge Funds are Shopping for BioTech Bargains Amid Market Downturn

This year, biotech is more like a biowreck. A burgeoning sector last year, biotech has taken this year’s market tumble harder than even the most vulnerable of sectors. But there might finally be a light at the end of the…

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Pfizer Buys Stake in French Lyme Disease Jab Partner

There is currently no available vaccine for Lyme disease, the tick-borne infection that, while rarely fatal, can leave patients with debilitating side effects for months. But now that’s a matter of a ticking clock. On Monday, Pfizer took a $95…


Canada Greenlights ALS Drug As US Regulators Face Pressure During Review

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is one of the most difficult diseases in the world to treat. Its cause is still a mystery to doctors. And the disease’s unforgiving progression — which sees a breakdown of nerve cells in the brain…


Astra/Daiichi Trial Significantly Raises Breast Cancer Survival Rate

Rare is a story this unequivocally positive. A “practice-changing” drug developed by AstraZeneca and Japanese pharma giant Daiichi Sankyo has produced trial results that could transform the treatment of late-stage breast cancer. Data showed the drug, called Enhertu, doubled progression-free…


Pfizer is Acquiring a Migraine Fixer for $11.6 Billion

With the pandemic giving way to a wave of stressful economic news, Covid vaccine maker Pfizer is turning to the business of eliminating headaches. The biotech giant announced plans on Tuesday to buy migraine drugmaker Biohaven in an $11.6 billion…


Digital Health Startup Cerebra Gets Subpoenaed Over ADHD Prescriptions

When it comes to the health of their ADHD patients, US regulators are concerned online telehealth companies aren’t paying enough attention. On Saturday, mental health startup Cerebral disclosed that it has been served with a subpoena by federal prosecutors looking…

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