Economy & Policy

US Inflation Remains Stubbornly High at 8.3%

The latest US inflation reading is stubbornly higher than expected.


China Extends Its Influence With Emergency Loans

China is emerging as a major competitor to the IMF.


Gene Company Illumina to Appeal EU Block on $7.1 Billion Grail Acquisition

The EU blocked a merger deal for a company that has no business in Europe.


The UK’s New Prime Minister Has a Queen’s Commemorative Plate Full of Economic Challenges

The UK’s new Prime Minister has her work cut out for her.


Japan Boosts Defense Spending in Face of China Threat

Rising tensions with China has Japan second-guessing its meager defense budget.

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Hedge Funds Make Biggest Bet Against Italy Since the Great Recession

Hedge funds are betting against the Italian economy like it’s the Detroit Lions.


The Fed Hosts Global Banking Summit at Jackson Hole as Rate Hikes Loom

The world’s economic elite are descending on a Wyoming ski town once more.


Ultra-Rich Americans Seek Refuge in Offshore Accounts

A new Senate report sheds light on a massive tax loophole.


Turkey Cuts Interest Rates Despite 80% Inflation, Ghana Interest Rate Set at 22%

Even with 200-plus central banks in the world, it’s hard to imagine two more different responses to soaring inflation and a depreciating currency. Turkey’s central bank on Thursday announced a shocking cut to interest rates, despite 79.6% inflation and the…


Bonds, Stocks Rally After Encouraging Inflation Report

Goldman Sachs

Go ahead and cancel that massage appointment, because the latest CPI numbers will surely ease any stress-induced back pain. On Wednesday, data released by the US Department of Labor showed the pace of inflation cooled considerably in July from June…

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Farm Strong: Understanding Agriculture as an Investment

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