Wall Street

A Strong Dollar Could Save a Horrid M&A Environment

In a slim year, M&A bankers may finally have something to look forward to.

Goldman Sachs

A Wall Street Giant Takes a Bold Step Into Blockchain Technology

KKR taps the blockchain to pursue affluent retail investors.


Goldman Sachs Set for Hundreds of Layoffs Next Week

Goldman Sachs employees are bracing for layoffs.


T Rowe Price To Acquire Oak Hill Advisors For $4.2 Billion

Is there a better investment for an investment firm than investing in another investment firm? The answer is “No” if you go by T Rowe Price’s decision yesterday to acquire credit management firm Oak Hill Advisors — the latest example…


New York City Sheds Jobs As Wall Street Profits, Bonuses Surge

Goldman Sachs

Wall Street, the literal eight-block stretch of offices in lower Manhattan, has fewer jobs, even as Wall Street, the collective industry of financial services, is smashing records. So says a new report by New York state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, the…


Leveraged Loans Pave the Way On Wall Street

The Federal Reserve last week indicated it is ready to begin tapering “soon,” hinting that the era of ultra-easy money will soon be winding to a close. And on Wall Street, the looming end of the free money era means…

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Robinhood to Give Users A Crack At IPOs

After ham-fisted reactions to both the GameStop short squeeze and DogeCoin crash earlier this year, digital trading platform Robinhood set out Thursday to better represent its namesake. As part of its stated goal of “democratizing finance,” Robinhood will soon swing…


Leverage is the Name Of The Game

Over the last two weeks, financial markets have grappled with the fallout from Archegos Capital, the over-levered family office which managed to lose a reported $8 billion in ten days. New data from FINRA, the regulatory body which manages markets,…


Money Business in the World of Fixed Income

From non-fungible tokens to cryptocurrency, exotic investments are en vogue these days. This story takes exotic to another level. Soon, investors will be able to invest in so-called “Rhino bonds” with economic returns varying depending on the outcome of Rhino…


Blackstone and Starwood Book an Extended Stay Together

It’s just like the old saying: if you can’t beat em’, acquire a $6 billion hotel chain with ‘em. Rival investment firms Blackstone and Starwood spent last year jockeying over stakes in Extended Stay, the hotel chain focused on longer-term…


How Did Institutional Stock Pickers Do Last Year?

Simply put, not well. Even in a year seemingly tailor-made for stock pickers (you didn’t need a Harvard MBA to deduce a video conferencing company might outperform during a pandemic), most actively managed funds underperformed. The Deets According to data…

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Tale of the Tape: Warren Buffett and Cathie Wood

Farm Strong: Understanding Agriculture as an Investment

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