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UK Opens Antitrust Investigation into Apple and Google

The British are coming — and this time it’s for Big Tech. The UK’s antitrust regulator, the CMA, announced Tuesday it’s launching an investigation into Apple and Google after concluding the pair have “substantial and entrenched market power” in the…


China Warns It Will Tightly Regulate Covid-Linked IPOs

Zero-Covid hasn’t meant zero-cash for every Chinese company. Chinese securities regulators have warned they will be keeping a watchful eye on the IPOs of companies that benefited from the country’s stringent “Zero-Covid” policy — just as major cities ratchet back…


Investors Are Slowing Their Home-Buying Spree

Apartment-dwelling millennials rejoice. At long last, institutional home real estate investors — the type of companies that have been upending house auctions and outbidding traditional home seekers in desirable neighborhoods near you — appear to be slowing their frenetic pandemic-era…


Virgin Yanks Support For Heathrow Runway

(Photo Credit: Joao Carlos Medau/Flickr)

Looks like this summer’s travel chaos is still triggering air rage. During an appearance at the London Airlines 2022 conference on Monday, Virgin Atlantic CEO Shai Weiss accused Heathrow airport of abusing its power as Europe’s biggest airport and announced…


Sponsor Data Startup Raises $35 Million in Venture Capital

As any coach will tell you, the team name on the front of a jersey is more important than the player name on the back. But the sponsor’s name is where the money is. SponsorUnited, a software-as-a-service platform that provides…


US Government to Spend $1 Billion to Keep California Nuclear Plant Alive

Washington is saying ‘no’ for now to no-nukes in California. On Monday, the Biden administration announced it is giving a $1.1 billion grant to the Pacific Gas & Electric Company — the oft-beleaguered energy firm powering much of California —…


US Aims to Purchase Icebreaker Ship to Monitor Arctic Ocean

This might be the start of an actual Cold War. The US is eyeing a new icebreaker – a massive ship capable of navigating frozen seas – to patrol contested waters in the Arctic, congressional aides told The Wall Street…


The World Cup Started. Advertisers Happy, Humans Not So Much

One day in, Qatar’s World Cup is going about as well as FIFA’s most vocal critics expected. The smallest nation to ever host a World Cup, Qatar is a hotbed of human rights abuses – underscored by numerous migrant workers…


Bristol Myers Squibb Threatens New Rules Will Hinder Drug Production

(Photo credit: A 4/Flickr)

Big Pharma is bristling at new doctor’s orders. As part of the Inflation Reduction Act passed earlier this year, the US Government now has the power to negotiate the most expensive drugs purchased through Medicare — a seismic change for…


Italy’s Enel will Expand to the US for a Massive Solar Push

(Photo credit: American Public Power Association/UnSplash)

Let there be luce. Italian energy company Enel is planning a major expansion into the US, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. It will be one of the first of many foreign renewable energy groups to set up shop in…

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