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Adani Sinks on Big Short-Seller Bet

Oh the humanity! And all the shareholders are screaming around here! Investors searching online for Hindenburg yesterday may have come across that immortal newsreel narration of the 1937 zeppelin explosion. It’s too soon, however, to tell if disaster awaits the…


Italian Gas Station Owners Strike

If you are going to pick on Italian gas station owners, just make sure you drive an EV. Gas station owners in Italy went on strike in protest against the government, which they say is scapegoating them for high gas…


AT&T Has a Lot of Useless Landlines Worth $25 Billion

(Photo Credit: Annie Spratt/Unsplash)

Is America’s biggest telecom getting clotheslined by the kitchen phone chord? AT&T has seen healthy gains in its cellular and broadband arms, but it’s also become a victim of its landline infrastructure. You remember landlines, right? They’re like phones but…


Mattress Maker Serta Simmons Files for Bankruptcy

(Photo Credit: Adam Winger/Unsplash)

For all the talk about stashing money there, there is not a lot of money in mattresses. Just ask Serta Simmons, which has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, heralding an end of a hard period for the once-comfortable mattress sector….


Lockheed Martin Predicts a Slow Year Despite Recent Ukraine Deals

War is hell, but it’s also a business. Lockheed Martin has seen deals with the US Department of Defense accelerate as Washington sends vast amounts of weapons to Ukraine, but supply chain bottlenecks and labor shortages have caused the military…


Google Gets Slapped with DOJ Case Over Alleged Digital Ad Monopoly

Somewhere in Silicon Valley, a harried Google executive spent Tuesday morning Googling “what’s a monopoly?” The US Department of Justice already knows… and probably used Bing. After what feels like years of contemplation and prep work, the DOJ has finally…


Major US Banks Develop Digital Wallet to Compete with PayPal and Apple Pay

What’s in your digital wallet? Every major US bank is hoping it’ll be one of them. Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and four other banks are close to debuting a digital wallet, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday….


Watchmaker Bremont Scores a High-Profile New Backer

Bill Ackman’s got time on his hands. Literally and figuratively. After buying several Bremont watches last summer, the indefatigable online activist investor told the Financial Times he grew so smitten with his new timekeepers that he decided to personally invest…


Amazon’s Air Freight Business Comes To India

(Photo Credit: Patrick Feller/Flickr)

With India’s population getting ready to overtake China’s, Amazon’s seeing rupee signs… Amazon announced Monday it’s launching Amazon Air, the company’s air freight business, in India, making it the first e-commerce company in the country with its own “dedicated air…


Midwest Burger Chain Nabs Ire of Pepsi Fans after Switching to Coca-Cola

(Photo Credit: Troy Coroles/Unsplash)

To misquote a famous Saturday Night Live sketch – No Pepsi. Coke! Culver’s, the Wisconsin-based fast food chain, is ditching its Pepsi products and replacing them with all things Coca-Cola. Cheeseheads, and Culver’s customers in 25 other states, are flabbergasted…

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