Griffin Kelly

Griffin Kelly (he/him) reports on business and finance for The Daily Upside. He earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism at SUNY Plattsburgh before working for a pair of newspapers in upstate New York, where he covered breaking news, business, local politics, and art & culture. When the pandemic hit, he went back to school to earn his master’s at CUNY Journalism. He most recently covered metro news at The New York Post< and has also been featured in City Limits and Crain’s New York Business.

UN Agency Wants More Meat Production, Less Climate Impact

(Photo Credit: Tommao Wang/Unsplash)

The UN wants poor nations to ramp up meat production for to address malnutrition, and developed nations to cut back.

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New Jersey’s Labor Mismatch is a Cautionary Tale for Rest of the US

(Photo by Adolfo Félix via Unsplash)

New Jersey is a microcosm of the country’s post-pandemic labor struggles — no jobs in some sectors, and too many jobs in others.

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Big Tobacco’s Big Problem: The US Isn’t Lighting Up

British American Tobacco shares dropped to a 12-year low after the company announced a $31.5 billion write-down for some of its brands.

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2023 Was StubHub’s Year of the Women

(Photo by Lorie Shaull via CC BY 2.0)

StubHub’s latest Year in Live Experiences report found women captivated audiences in 2023 and generated massive ticket sales.

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China’s Financial Woes Grow as Moody’s Lowers Credit Outlook

Moody’s Investors Service cut its outlook for China’s credit rating to negative from stable due to crushing debt at the local level.

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Florida Developers Still See Building Wooden Homes as a Good Idea

All along Florida’s waterfront, developers are continuing to build cheaper wood-frame homes and apartments, The Wall Street Journal reported.

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As Job Market Cools, Small Businesses Scramble for Employees

As the country’s largest companies have begun slowing down hiring, small businesses are hanging up “Help Wanted” signs at a record pace.

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Rock Band Kiss Plans to Join the Avatar Concert Trend

(Photo Credit: Nainoa Shizuru/Unsplash)

After 50 years of performing, world-renowned shock rock group Kiss just played its final show, but the members say the show will go on.

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HOA Fees Are Adding to the Housing Affordability Problem

Prospective homebuyers face limited supply, historically high mortgage rates, plus increasingly high homeowners association fees.

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GM Sets Out to Soothe Shareholders with Spending Cuts, Dividend Boost

(Photo by Brad Killen via Unsplash)

America’s largest auto manufacturer is trying to regain Wall Street’s favor with buybacks and spending cuts on less promising projects.

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