Griffin Kelly

Griffin Kelly (he/him) reports on business and finance for The Daily Upside. He earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism at SUNY Plattsburgh before working for a pair of newspapers in upstate New York, where he covered breaking news, business, local politics, and art & culture. When the pandemic hit, he went back to school to earn his master’s at CUNY Journalism. He most recently covered metro news at The New York Post< and has also been featured in City Limits and Crain’s New York Business.

A Surge in Chip Stocks Puts Nvidia Near $1 Trillion Market Cap

Make room, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. Nvidia looks like it’s about to enter the trillionaires’ club. After the world’s leading microchip producer released its sales forecast Wednesday, Nvidia’s stock didn’t just bump but rather leaped up the charts like a…

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Weight-Loss Programs Push for Meds on Top of Diet and Exercise

(Photo Credit: Kenny Eliason/Unsplash)

Eat right, stay active, and tame your inner food demons — but also inject this syringe deep into your stomach to keep the pounds off. Noom, the telehealth app that built itself on a mindfulness approach toward weight loss, announced…

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JPMorgan Invests Over $200 Million in Attempt to Clean Up the Planet

By 2050, experts say the world will have to remove the equivalent of 10 gigatons — or roughly 22 trillion pounds — of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year if we want to stave off the devastating effects of…

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Japan’s Mizuho Buys US Investment Bank GreenHill for $550 Million

Play The Godfather theme song because Mizuho Bank CEO Tatsufumi Sakai believes in America. At a time when more foreign banks seem to be going rather than coming, the Japanese mega-lender announced Monday it’s buying New York-based Greenhill & Co….

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Should I Stay or Should I Go: China’s Street Stall Economy

Should I Stay or Should I Go: China’s Street Stall Economy When Westerners imagine Chinese cities, they likely picture bustling streets lined with an array of pop-up food, retail, and tchotchke vendors — not unlike New York City’s iconic churro…

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In a Down Year for M&A, Raine Group Has the Magic Touch

What’s the deal with the Raine Group? The boutique bank just scored a fat fee facilitating the WWE-UFC merger, and appears to be the one outfit finding success in an otherwise moribund M&A market. M&A is Not OK Mergers and…

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A Summer Home in the Hamptons is Cheap…er

(Photo Credit: Sebastion Enrique/Unsplash)

You won’t be hearing the pitter-patter of little Chad’s $100 Sperrys. Topher is going to have to settle for an imitation crustacean in his lobster roll. And Dakota can just forget about sitting at the Palm Tree Music Festival’s VIP…

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Covid Vaccine Producer Says Government Should Stick to Their Promises

(Photo credit: Mufid Madjun/Unsplash)

The World Health Organization recently announced covid is no longer a global emergency. Hooray! That is unless you’re Novavax, the biotech outfit once billed as an antidote to vaccine hesitancy but like other government-approved vendors is now awash in cancellations…

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Jamie Dimon Says Enough Is Enough

Jamie Dimon says financial regulators have forgotten a key lesson most people learn in grade school: When you point one finger at someone, there’s three more pointing back at you. In an interview with Bloomberg, the JPMorgan Chase CEO said…

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Icahn Under Federal Investigation After Hindenburg Report

“Those regulations are more like guidelines than actual rules, Mr. Prosecutor,” is a bold defense. On Wednesday, the investment company of billionaire financier Carl Ichan disclosed it’s being investigated by federal prosecutors after a short-seller report accused Icahn Enterprises of…

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