Russia Announces Dubious Plans For Aviation Industry Without Boeing and Airbus

Russia thinks its aviation sector can go it alone without Boeing and Airbus.

Airlines Are Saving Billions By Hedging on Fuel Prices

Hedging may not be a basic flight maneuver, but it’s helping some airlines weather the year’s economic thermo turbulence. Thanks to hedges on oil prices, a handful of airlines stand to save billions of dollars in the face of sky-high…


Boeing Lands Major Sale As it Jostles For Position Against Airbus

Larry Bird versus Magic Johnson. Coca-Cola versus Pepsi. The Beatles versus The Stones. Some rivalries stand the test of time, and, in the business world, few have soared to the competitive heights of aerospace manufacturers Boeing and Airbus. After slipping…


US Threatens Airlines With Punishment for Excessive Flight Delays

Middle East

Thousands more US flights were delayed or canceled this weekend or, as such days are known of late, days that end in y. The latest frustrating pileup of flight delays has the US government hanging the threat of fines over…


Budget Airlines Soar Amid High Travel Demand

These days, more and more travelers across the country are channeling their inner Lenny Kravitz, who, in a particularly deep-burrowing earworm, once sang “I want to get away, I want to fly away.” Even as inflationary forces jolt the airline…


Hawaiian Airlines Invests in Island-Hopping Electric Seagliders

It’s a boat… it’s a plane… it’s a seaglider! Fully electric, powered by eight propellers, hovering 30 feet above the ocean, and charging forward at 180 miles per hour — it’s how Hawaiian Airlines is betting travelers will one day…

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Spirit Rejects JetBlue Takeover Bid to Side With Frontier

Going once, going twice, sold! To… the lower bidder? It’s not often that an auction ends with the highest bidder going home empty-handed, but that’s pretty much what just happened in the airline industry. On Monday, ultra-budget Spirit Airlines bid…


Boeing Posts Billion Dollar Loss In Latest Earnings Report

As anyone who has bought airline tickets in the last few months knows (all too well), airlines are successfully passing along higher costs to consumers. Boeing, on the other hand, cited mile-high costs in both its commercial and defense businesses…


Electric Aviation Startup Beta Technologies Raises $375 Million

Electric vehicles are all the rage. Of course, vehicles is a broad term, and aside from Elon Musk’s latest and Ford’s electrified F1 series, there’s growing investor interest in the wider world of promising electric means of transport. Case in…


Airlines Bulk Up on Staff and Cut Flights to Avoid a Repeat of Last Year

Middle East

Booking a flight in 2021 didn’t always mean taking a flight in 2021. That’s because, as you may recall, thousands of would-be fliers who showed up at airports throughout the summer, fall, and winter saw their flights canceled. Airlines have…


Virgin Galactic Opens Spaceflight Tickets to the Public Again

Today, you can officially buy a ticket to outer space. All you need is to do is make a $150,000 deposit and then figure out how to come up with the remaining $300,000 to cover your 90-minute flight. Or be…

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