Southwest Reducing Training Time Needed for New Pilots

We’d like to think that learning on the job shouldn’t apply to the person in the cockpit of the 500,000-pound commercial airliner you’re flying. As it looks to increase hiring amid a pilot dearth, Southwest Airlines announced it will reduce…

Thousands of Flights Delayed After FAA Computer Glitch

Unless you are on vacation in a tropical paradise and desperate for any excuse to stay on vacation in a tropical paradise, this week will be an absolute nightmare for airline travelers. Due to an overnight glitch early Wednesday morning…


Delta Proposes More than 30% Pay Increases in New Pilot Contract

(Photo credit: Trac Vu/Unsplash)

Delta pilots have entered smooth air ahead of the holidays. The airline is offering pilots 34% raises as part of a new contract proposal after aviators began pressuring a resurgent airline industry for better pay and benefits. Soaring Demands Pandemic…


Virgin Yanks Support For Heathrow Runway

(Photo Credit: Joao Carlos Medau/Flickr)

Looks like this summer’s travel chaos is still triggering air rage. During an appearance at the London Airlines 2022 conference on Monday, Virgin Atlantic CEO Shai Weiss accused Heathrow airport of abusing its power as Europe’s biggest airport and announced…


Budget Airline Ryanair Posts Record-Breaking Profits

(Photo Credit: Paolo Margari/Flickr)

One low-cost airline is sitting on a pot o’ gold that could grow even bigger this holiday season thanks to some unmagical economic headwinds. Begorrah! Irish budget airline Ryanair reported a profit of €1.4 billion from April to September on…


Can Airline Handouts and Free Flights Revive Hong Kong Travel?

Hong Kong is handing out 500,000 free plane tickets to jump-start its tourist industry

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Russia Announces Dubious Plans For Aviation Industry Without Boeing and Airbus

Russia thinks its aviation sector can go it alone without Boeing and Airbus.


Italy’s ITA Airways Appears Headed for the States

Delta Air Lines is headed to Italy.


Airlines Are Saving Billions By Hedging on Fuel Prices

Hedging may not be a basic flight maneuver, but it’s helping some airlines weather the year’s economic thermo turbulence. Thanks to hedges on oil prices, a handful of airlines stand to save billions of dollars in the face of sky-high…


Boeing Lands Major Sale As it Jostles For Position Against Airbus

Larry Bird versus Magic Johnson. Coca-Cola versus Pepsi. The Beatles versus The Stones. Some rivalries stand the test of time, and, in the business world, few have soared to the competitive heights of aerospace manufacturers Boeing and Airbus. After slipping…


US Threatens Airlines With Punishment for Excessive Flight Delays

Middle East

Thousands more US flights were delayed or canceled this weekend or, as such days are known of late, days that end in y. The latest frustrating pileup of flight delays has the US government hanging the threat of fines over…

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