Amazon is Raising Delivery Fees for Grocery Orders

First they hook you, then they hose you. Shoppers who skip the local supermarket in favor of Amazon’s Fresh delivery service are about to feel a bit more pinch. A year after increasing the annual price of Prime memberships from…

(Photo credit: Amish Patel/Flickr)

Unilever Might Sell Off Breyers and Klondike Ice Cream Brands

(Photo Credit – Courtney Cook/Unsplash)

Well this could be a pretty sweet deal. Unilever, the consumer goods megacorp with 400 brands under its belt, may sell part of its extensive ice cream portfolio worth billions. You Want Anything from the Shop? The global ice cream…


Pernod Ricard Buys George Strait-backed Tequila Brand

Pernod Ricard buys into the celebrity liquor craze.


Lab-Grown Foie Gras Startup Scores Fundraising Round

Get ready for lab-grown foie gras.


Macy’s Launches Online Marketplace for Third-Party Sellers

Another retailer joins the third-party seller e-commerce trend.


Jim Beam Plots $400 Million Kentucky Bourbon Expansion

Jim Beam is expanding its bourbon operations with a green twist.

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At Investor Day, Starbucks Plans Strategy “Reinvention” to Shake Things Up

Can Starbucks keep up with shifting consumption habits?


State Farm Ponies Up $1.5 Billion for Investment into ADT

ADT welcomes State Farm and Alphabet with open arms.


Freight Rates Take a Breather in Major Inflationary Relief

Shipping rates have almost normalized.


Australia Can’t Eat Avacado’s Fast Enough

If there was a Bat-signal that could reach free-spending Guacamole-loving millennials on the other side of the planet, the Australian board of tourism should start shining it. The nation Down Under is drowning in avocado. After drastically overestimating demand, Australian…


Extreme Weather Crimps Brazil’s Coffee Harvest

If caffeine isn’t enough of a jolt this morning, maybe some sticker shock can help. Coffee, already noticeably imbued with the bitter taste of inflation, is likely to get even pricier as farmers in world-leading coffee exporter Brazil face the…

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