South Africa’s Gold Fields Buying Canada’s Yamana to Create World’s Fourth Biggest Miner

Here’s a business deal for gold times’ sake. On Tuesday, South African mining firm Gold Fields announced a deal to buy Canada’s Yamana Gold in a $6.7 billion, all-share deal. While the acquisition would make Fields the world’s fourth-biggest mining…

Nickel Trading Halted After Historic 250% Price Spike

Who would pay more than five cents for a nickel? Certainly not a nickel trader, because despite its name the Thomas Jefferson-fronted coin is made of 75% copper. On Tuesday, those traders were left counting their pennies when the price…


Amsterdam is Going to Build a New District Out of Wood

When a lumberjack announces “TIMBER” it means watch out, because a tree is coming down. When the City of Amsterdam announces timber, it means that’s what it’s using to construct an entire neighborhood. The Netherlands’ largest city confirmed this week…


3D Printing Could Soon Weld Plane and Car Parts Out of Metal

Imagine hitting Ctrl + P and out comes a car part. That’s the dream behind an innovative new 3D printing technology, which Massachusetts firm Seurat raised $21 million to develop on Wednesday with the support of a group of the…


FTC to Probe Whether Gas Stations are Ripping Off Consumers at the Pump

When noted legal scholar and avid Silicon Valley critic Lina Khan was appointed chair of the Federal Trade Commission earlier this year, observers expected her to strike swiftly at Big Tech. So when the new chair revealed Monday that the…


Lumber Costs an Arm and a Leg, But Trees are Dirt Cheap

A perfect storm of pine beetles in Canada, a home construction boom in America, and supply chain hurdles have driven the price of lumber through the roof. It hit an all time high this week of $1,326.70 per 1,000 board…

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Plastics Suffering a Texas-Sized Shortage

They say everything is bigger in Texas, including the fallout from natural disasters. Texas has thawed-out from last month’s record-setting winter storm, but the fallout from shutdowns in the state’s massive petrochemical industry continues to intensify. Lone Star Problems On…


USA Rare Earth Are Mining Their Own Business

USA Rare Earth LLC, a startup with plans to mine “rare earths” in Texas, is reportedly targeting an IPO later this year at a $1 billion+ valuation. With new financing in tow, USA Rare Earth would become just the second…


Home Sweet Home Depot

Home Sweet Home Depot

Yesterday Home Depot announced a deal to acquire HD Supply in a deal valued at $8 billion. Yes, those two names sound suspiciously familiar for a reason – HD Supply was once a subsidiary of the beloved home improvement retailer. …

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