Thrift Store King Goodwill Goes Digital

E-Commerce comes for even the most old school of brick-and-mortar stores.

Dealmaking Dries Up for Amazon Aggregators

A new breed of eCommerce business may already be facing extinction.


Despite Latest Meme Stock Surge, Bed Bath & Beyond is Closing 150 Stores

Bed Bath & Beyond filed to dilute its precious meme stock.


Walmart Beats Expectations With the Help of High-Income Shoppers

The rich may be different, but inflation seems to be the great equalizer. Thanks to its trademark “everyday low prices,” Walmart reported Tuesday that it beat earnings and revenue expectations in the second quarter — and executives said an influx…


Prada is Considering a Secondary Listing in Milan

In the world of luxury, one is never enough. Multiple Coach handbags, three Armani suits, a $1,500 pair of calfskin leather Stefano Ricci dress shoes and a $4,750 pair of Ricci’s matted crocodile skin dress shoes — something to wear…


Treadmill and Bike Maker Peloton Will Stop Making Treadmills and Bikes in House


It may not be physically possible to do a U-turn on a stationary bike, but Peloton found a way how. The troubled fitness equipment manufacturer announced Tuesday that it won’t build bikes and treadmills anymore, outsourcing the task to one…

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Duty-Free Giant Dufry Agrees to Acquire Autogrill

With the travel industry making a strong rebound this year, one tourism-adjacent mega-merger is cleared for takeoff. On Monday, Swiss-based duty-free retailer Dufry announced plans to acquire Autogrill, the Italian food-service company synonymous with rest stops dotting highways between Naples,…


Bed Bath & Beyond Ousts CEO After “Dumpster Fire” Results

The aisles at Bed Bath & Beyond may be stocked with pillows, but in the boardroom there are no soft landings. On Wednesday, the embattled home goods retailer turfed CEO Mark Tritton and replaced him with board member Sue Gove…


US and UK in Surprising Standoff Over South Pole Fishing Quotas

Time to rethink dinner plans. One of the world’s tastiest pieces of wild-caught fish, which sells for $32 a pound at Whole Foods, is suddenly at the epicenter of a feud between the United States and the United Kingdom. The…


Mars Makes More Revenue Than Coca-Cola

Chocolate conglomerate Mars is so famously private, the company might as well be based on the planet with which it shares a name. The sixth-largest privately held firm in the US crashed back down to Earth Wednesday to share rare,…


Walmart and Target Raise Fears About the Health of the American Consumer

Even before the US Federal Reserve starts hiking interest rates more aggressively — a surefire way to discourage spending — some investors are already in a tizzy about the state of the American consumer. The reason: last week’s results from…

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