The World Cup Started. Advertisers Happy, Humans Not So Much

One day in, Qatar’s World Cup is going about as well as FIFA’s most vocal critics expected. The smallest nation to ever host a World Cup, Qatar is a hotbed of human rights abuses – underscored by numerous migrant workers…

Budget Airlines Are Bouncing Back — But For How Long?

Every little bit helps when you’re a post-pandemic airline.


Trade Imperil as Mississippi River Runs Dry

A major drought could place even more strain on American supply chains.


Rideshares: The Good, The Ad, and The AVs

After their pandemic pause, rideshare companies are firing on all cylinders.That may explain the hail of news in the industry on Monday. SoftBank Offsets Losses By #DeletingUber After its CEO said he was “ashamed” of its latest $23.4 billion quarterly…


Uber Tops Expectations Only to Get a Fender Bender from Lyft

Uber rolled out some good news Wednesday, but under uber-unusual circumstances. The ride-hailing giant was forced to shift gears, rushing financial results out in the early hours, after chief rival Lyft’s disappointing financials set a dangerous course for ride-hailing stocks….


Uber Is Adding New York Taxi Cabs To Its App

It’s a classic hating-to-dating story. Like “Maverick” Tom Cruise and “Ice Man” Val Kilmer in Top Gun, or Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail, Uber and New York taxi cabs are putting their sordid past behind them…

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Short on Riders, America’s Commuter Rail Services Face Uncertain Financial Future

A key part of the US transportation network has gone from commuter rail to commuter fail. Ridership on the country’s commuter railroads collapsed during the pandemic and has basically stayed that way. Many workplaces have pivoted permanently to remote or…


Virgin Hyperloop Lays Off Half Its Staff, Gives Up Passenger Ambitions

Billionaires Elon Musk and Richard Branson are battling it out for pole position in space, where no one can hear you scream. But down on Earth, their company’s struggles with one nascent technology have been heard loud and clear. Virgin…


Sparta, Raleigh Bike Maker Sells for Almost $2 Billion on Cycling Surge

In the world of finance, everyone gets to wheel and deal. But only a chosen few get to deal in two-wheelers. A private equity consortium led by New York-based KKR joined that exclusive club Monday, agreeing to shell out $1.8…


An LA Train Robbery Spree Has Union Pacific and Law Enforcement Blaming Each Other

The spirit of Butch Cassidy and his gang of infamous train robbers has lived on in film, television and literature for over a century. Unfortunately for America’s second largest railway, it’s also having a comeback in the real world. Union…


Maersk No Longer World’s Largest Shipping Line

Danish shipping behemoth Maersk, which for decades floated atop all other maritime movers in container capacity, is no longer the world’s largest carrier. New data released Wednesday shows that Swiss-Italian Mediterranean Shipping is now the king of the ports. The…

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Tale of the Tape: Warren Buffett and Cathie Wood

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