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Six Flags, Disney Post Opposite Theme Park Results

This is not the type of Giant Drop that Six Flags wants to be known for. On Thursday, the amusement park chain posted disappointing returns in its second-quarter earnings call. But don’t draw too many conclusions on the economics of…


Climate Change is Throwing a Wrench in Outdoor Summer Plans

School’s out, and summer is in full swing. That means it’s time for fun in the sun — and possibly a cooling dip in the nearest lake, river, ocean, or pool. But not if climate change has anything to say….


Cipriani Scores $150 Million Boost From King Street Capital

Pop some prosecco, pour an aperitivo, and crack open a few bottles of Peroni. Cipriani, the 91-year-old Italian luxury hotel and restaurant operator which owns the storied Harry’s Bar in Venice and formerly ran the Rainbow Room in 30 Rock,…


As United Ramps Up Flights to Europe, Europe’s Largest Airport Says the Travel Bubble is Due to Burst

Whose word do you take in this aerial battle: the airline’s or the airport’s? This Tuesday, United, one of America’s Big Four airlines, announced plans to fly to Europe even more this summer than it did before the Covid pandemic…


Concert Tickets Are in High Demand, and Prices Are Soaring

The Magical Mystery Tour is dying to take you away, Paul McCartney wrote and sang in the title track of The Beatles’ 1967 concert film and LP. If the song were written today, The Magical Mystery Tour would be dying…

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Pickleball Courts are the Trendy New Luxury Real Estate Addition

First came the infinity pools, then the steam baths, and then the bespoke golf courses. Luxury real estate developers have always spared no expense to obtain the most highly coveted symbols of sophistication and wealth. According to new data, there’s…


New Jersey Casinos Betting on Smokers

Casinos have for years been one of the last bastions for the smoker. Long gone are the days when lighting up in an elevator, on an airplane, at a restaurant, or even in a bar was tolerated, let alone legal….


Disney Announces Master-Planned Residential Communities

The Walt Disney Corporation’s latest venture will either result in The Happiest Place On Earth or a total nightmare, depending on who you ask. On Wednesday, the House of Mouse announced plans for “Storyliving by Disney,” a series of meticulously…


Investment Firms Enter Short-Term Rental Market

Vacations aren’t what they used to be. Nowadays, stay-at-home workers with no limits on how far they can be from the office have nothing stopping them from taking a vacation while working. Most vacation homes– where traveling remote workers often…


Ski Resorts Are Struggling to Find Enough Staff to Keep Open

The annual call to “hit the slopes” usually means speed and exercise amid the thrilling beauty of nature. This year, it’s more like heading to the DMV. New data shows ski resorts this winter have been slowed — even halted…

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