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Adani Continues to Reel From Damning Short-Seller Report

The blast radius from Hindenburg Research’s report alleging stock manipulation and money laundering at India’s most powerful conglomerate is expanding beyond the empire of Asia’s no-longer richest man and threatens the entire Indian economy, the world’s fifth largest. Amid an…

National Stock Exchange of India

Absolutely Nobody Can Agree on What’s Happening With the Economy Right Now

We might need an addendum to the old adage that there are decades in which nothing happens and weeks in which decades happen. Apparently, there are also weeks where nobody knows what-in-the-you-know-what has happened… last week was one of them….


America’s Push for EVs Could Leave the Power Grid Feeling Drained

(Photo Credit: Matthew Henry/Unsplash)

Electric vehicles existed in the early 1900s, believe it or not — there were more than 4,000 of them — but they were not built for highways, which of course didn’t exist back then. So if you lost power 10…


Florida Tops New York New Jobs Report

As ol’ blue eyes told us, if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere — even Florida. For the first time in at least 40 years, Florida tops New York in terms of total jobs,…


Debt Loads Weigh on US Healthcare Industry

US healthcare companies are ailing. The diagnosis? A case of possibly debilitating debt. The etiology is a dual-pronged attack of rising labor costs and rising interest rates following a leverage-fueled dealmaking frenzy, according to a report in the Financial Times….


UK Company Insolvencies Hit 13-Year High

Local companies in the United Kingdom are going from “Brexiting the European Union” to “exiting the economy.” While a strong earnings season has lifted much of the world to an unexpectedly bubbly headspace this week despite persistently uncertain economic times,…

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JD Sports Hack Highlights UK Cyber Security Concerns

Fancy a firewall, mate? Manchester-based retailer JD Sports is the latest victim in a string of cyber attacks on major UK entities this month. So far, hackers have descended upon retail, postal delivery, fast food, and news outlets. Of Many…


The Philippines Finally Rebounds from Dreadfully Long COVID Policies

(Photo Credit: Fred Moon/Unsplash)

“I have returned,” a triumphant Gen. Douglas MacArthur proclaimed upon wading ashore in The Philippines toward the end of WWII in 1944. If only it could speak, the South Pacific nation’s economy would make a similar claim. The Philippines, which…


Italian Gas Station Owners Strike

If you are going to pick on Italian gas station owners, just make sure you drive an EV. Gas station owners in Italy went on strike in protest against the government, which they say is scapegoating them for high gas…


Brazil and Argentina are Preparing for a Common Currency

Two of South America’s biggest economies would like to change the conversation from their own dubious current events to one about currencies. After decades of maintaining respectful economic boundaries, next-door neighbors Brazil and Argentina are about to take their relationship…


Australia Spends $2 billion on Black Hawk Helicopters

(Photo credit: US Army/Flickr)

In squaring up to China, Australia may be making an enemy out of France. Australia confirmed Wednesday it was following through with a purchase of 40 Black Hawk helicopters from Lockheed Martin. The order signals a move from French to…

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