World’s Biggest Gold Miner Makes $17 Billion Acquisition Bid

There’s gold in them there… mergers and acquisitions. Newmont, the world’s largest gold miner by output, announced Monday it’s making an offer for Australia’s biggest miner, Newcrest, valuing it at $17 billion. Gold M&A has been steadily gaining traction over…

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Oxfam Calls For Windfall Tax on Big Food Companies

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Move over energy giants. Big Food faces a similar backlash as an industry that’s turning a tidy profit amid a plethora of globe-spanning cost-of-living crises. Anti-poverty charity Oxfam released a report on Monday calling for governments to impose windfall taxes…


French Energy Firms Agree to Negotiate with Bakeries

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French Finance Minister Bruno LeMaire is borrowing a page from Marie Antoinette and letting them eat cake. Energy suppliers in France have agreed to allow the country’s 33,000 or so bakeries to negotiate their energy bills on a case-by-case basis….

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