Adani Continues to Reel From Damning Short-Seller Report

The blast radius from Hindenburg Research’s report alleging stock manipulation and money laundering at India’s most powerful conglomerate is expanding beyond the empire of Asia’s no-longer richest man and threatens the entire Indian economy, the world’s fifth largest. Amid an…

National Stock Exchange of India

FTC Targets Retail Giants with 1930s Antitrust Law

(Photo Credit: Franki Chamaki/Unsplash)

The FTC is channeling trustbuster-in-chief Teddy Roosevelt, who made life miserable for Wall Street financiers and others whose deals often came at the expense of ordinary folks. The Federal Trade Commission is set to revive a near-100-year-old law – which…


Emmanuel Macron Wants to Raise the French Retirement Age

Emmanuel Macron wants French workers to be more hardcore, if not quite Musk-level hardcore. On Tuesday, the French President committed le sin cardinale of demanding his citizens, you know, work a little more, when he presented a plan to gradually…


The Fed Would Prefer to Manage Inflation Without Wall Street’s “Help”

Give Wall Street an inch and it’ll take a mile. Members of The Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee have voiced concerns that investor willingness to plow back into equities at even a hint that rate hikes are over is…


Italy’s Prime Minister Wants to Prioritize Cash

In Italian culture, there are some things you don’t mess with, like the simplicity of a cacio e pepe, the cut and polish of Persol sunglasses, the unisex design of a classic Vespa Siluro — or paying in cash. In…


UK’s New Treasury Chief Completes Reversal of Truss’s Tax Plans

Liz Truss continues to flip-flop on her unpopular proposals.

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Hurricane Ian is Ripping Apart Florida’s Property Insurance Industry

Expect a painful, costly cleanup effort after Hurricane Ian.


175 Offshore Gambling Operations in the Philippines are About to Be Shut Down

The online gambling industry will lose 175 firms via a crackdown in The Philippines.


The Fed Hosts Global Banking Summit at Jackson Hole as Rate Hikes Loom

The world’s economic elite are descending on a Wyoming ski town once more.


Ultra-Rich Americans Seek Refuge in Offshore Accounts

A new Senate report sheds light on a massive tax loophole.


Billions in Corporate Taxes Piling Up Under New Executive Pay Rules

What happens when you tax sky-high executive compensation? Companies prove willing to hand over hundreds of millions in cash to pay for it. That’s a key takeaway from new analysis by The Wall Street Journal, which shows how tax overhauls…

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