Ben & Jerry’s Has A Whirlwind

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It’s been nearly four seasons since Colin Kaepernick’s received an NFL paycheck, but he is still landing big endorsements.

Kaepernick and ice cream juggernaut Ben & Jerry’s, a brand known for its strong stance on social issues, announced they will launch a permanent, vegan flavor called “Change The Whirled.”

Banking on Kaep

Change The Whirled will hit the freezer in early 2021 and Kaepernick will donate his share of proceeds to his foundation: Know Your Rights Camp. Ben & Jerry’s will support matching donations.

Big Picture: Celebrity endorsements are nothing new. But recently, brands have more closely tethered public figures to their products, or, in some cases, build entirely new product lines around them:

  • McDonald’s almost immediately ran out of ingredients when it launched a meal designed with Travis Scott. The rapper reportedly earned more than $20 million from the engagement.