Posh During The Pandemic

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Pandemic-induced recession notwithstanding, there are signs the 1% is doing just fine.


The discount wholesale club has rolled-out a new service: private jet access.

For just $17,500, shoppers can buy a 12-month membership to the NYC-based private jet company “Wheels Up.”  According to the company’s website, the exclusive deal comes with: 

  • $4k of flight credits and “guaranteed nationwide aircraft availability up to 365 days a year.” 
  • A $3.5k credit to Costco, so your jet can always be fully stocked.
  • A 12-month membership to Inspirato, which offers luxury vacation rentals.

An Alternative: Luckily there is a less expensive option.  Customers can purchase a year-long membership for just $1,995, but it doesn’t include the Costco shopping card, flight credit, or luxury vacation membership.

But, it does include the ability to “explore the Wheels Up community forums to coordinate shared flights with other members.” Good value.

Racing Pigeons

For those interested in a smaller carbon footprint, there is an alternative way to get airborne.

Yesterday an anonymous Chinese buyer purchased a female “racing pigeon” (named New Kim) for $1.9 million.

Pigeon.  $1.9 million.

How That Works: A popular pastime in Belgium for working-class men, pigeon racing has taken on an increasingly elite clientele.  The activity involves releasing well-bred and well-trained pigeons hundreds of miles away and hoping their unique sense of direction and  training will lead them home.

Prize pools for pigeon racing can reportedly reach into the tens of millions of Euros.  

Never has a GPS tracker made so much sense.