America’s Primate Shortage Hinders Medical Research

The US economy faces yet another painful supply shortage – not microchips but monkeys. Scientists, who fear they’re falling behind on crucial medical progress, have urged the US government to increase spending on lab monkey breeding programs as a smuggling…

Bezos and Gates Invest In Synchron

(Photo Credit: Hey Paul Studios/Flickr)

The next billionaire battle royale will really get inside your head. Brain-computer interface tech startup Synchron announced Thursday it raised $75 million in a new funding round including cash injections from Bezos Expeditions and Gates Frontier, investment vehicles for —…


Startup Makes Fake Leather From Mushrooms

(Photo credit: jmv/Flickr)

Shiitake is the new Gucci. A profile by The New York Times highlighted the success of biotech company MycoWorks, which manufactures faux leather out of mycelium, the thread-like roots at the base of mushrooms. Not Mushroom For Doubt MycoWorks’ origin…


Preliminary Study Shows Promise for Moderna’s Skin Cancer Vaccine

When eggheads claimed the best part of the COVID vaccines was the developments in mRNA science, they weren’t lying. It might even cure skin cancer. On Tuesday, Moderna announced encouraging results in an early study of its mRNA vaccine that…


Theranos COO Sunny Balwani Sentenced

This number two is about to do some real number one time. Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, former partner to Theranos founder and Emperor’s-New-Clothes icon Elizabeth Holmes, was sentenced on Wednesday to almost 13 years in prison for his role in the…


First OTC Overdose-Reversal Medication Could Soon be on the Way

Over 100,000 Americans died of a drug overdose during the 12 months ending in March, according to CDC data, a disturbing 44% increase from just two years prior. Thankfully, a powerful new tool to fight the epidemic may soon be…

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Tech Company Wants to Cure Brain Ailments with Teeny Tiny Robots

If this were The Matrix, you wouldn’t want a robot climbing into your head. Now imagine if instead of trying to suck the life out of you, they were robotic life-savers. The team that created Apple’s Face ID is on…


Bavarian Nordic’s Quarterly Earnings Pop on Monkeypox Vaccine

Denmark, which ranks among the world’s happiest countries year in and year out, has another reason to smile. On Wednesday, Danish drugmaker Bavarian Nordic announced “all-time high revenues” in their latest quarterly earnings off the backs of an old smallpox…

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