The New York Times is Bringing Ads to The Athletic

The New York Times is beefing up its ad operations.

PointsBet Plans Newsletter to Lure US Gamblers

Can a newsletter keep gamblers gambling?


Big Ten Signs Massive Media Rights Deal

The Big Ten just scored a big payday. On Thursday, the academic alliance — which now counts not 10 but 14 member schools, with two more set to join in 2024 — announced a massive seven-year, $7 billion TV sports…


Activist Investor Wants ESPN Spun Off From Disney

It’s a small world, after all – much too small for ESPN, at least according to one maverick investor. Activist Dan Loeb announced Monday that his Third Point investment firm has acquired a “significant stake” in Disney and wants the…


Axios Agrees to Sell itself to Cox Enterprises in $525 Million Deal

In Axios-speak, this would definitely qualify as 1 big thing. On Monday, the upstart publisher of punchy, aggressively condensed, bullet-point-laden news stories, announced it agreed to sell itself to Atlanta-based media conglomerate Cox Enterprises. The deal, first reported by The…


Semafor is Two Months Away From Trying to Change the News Biz

Sixty staff, $25 million, and two prominent mainstream media defectors with the profile and the clout to attract well-heeled investors and journalist stars. That’s what it takes to get a global media organization off the ground these days, at least…

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Wall Street Journal Enters the Affiliate Marketing Fray with “Buy Side”

The Wall Street Journal wants a cut of your next online shopping spree. According to a report in Axios, the storied financial newspaper will launch a new commerce website today called “Buy Side from WSJ.” Reviews of consumer products will…


Popular Science Publisher Scores $300 Million Raise Led By Blackstone

Who says print media is dead? Private equity giant Blackstone has spent the past couple of years throwing gobs of money at high-profile entertainment companies, like Will and Jada Smith’s Westbrook Studios and Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine. Now, it’s shifting…


The Digital Ad Market Hit a 15-Year Record in 2021

Stay at home and spend. That might as well have been the unofficial mantra of 2021 as consumers found themselves with record savings to splurge online. On Tuesday, new research revealed digital advertisers were a big winner from the phenomenon….


BuzzFeed Reels After Lackluster First-Ever Earnings Report

BuzzFeed, known for such internet classics as “21 Surprising Facts Famous Celebs Wish You Didn’t Know About Them,” may have material for a new listicle after its very first earnings report as a public company on Tuesday: “1 Digital Media…


News Flash: Australia’s Big Tech Policy Pays Off For Media Outlets

Dinosaurs didn’t survive the asteroid. Video killed the radio star. And local and legacy news media found their business models completely upended by the internet and its social media gatekeepers. But in Australia, a law that has internet giants paying…

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Farm Strong: Understanding Agriculture as an Investment

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