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British Startup is Breaking the Cocoa Supply Chain

Much like Wu-Tang, one new chocolate startup is for the children. Now, a new startup is hoping to break the industry’s dark history of agricultural exploitation by turning to a 21st-century solution. You’ve heard of lab-made meat. Now get ready…

Bumble Shares Fall as Gen Z Take a Break from Dating

(Photo Credit: Renè Ranisch/Unsplash)

Bumble has taken a tumble. With empty-hearted, penny-pinching Gen Z users not renewing their subscriptions, analysts caution uncertainty in the dating app’s share. Love hurts, but being broke is pure agony. ‘Are You on the Apps?’ Finding love on the…


TikTok Can’t Escape the Ad Spending Slump

TikTok App

People love a good TikTok challenge, but the short-form video hosting platform is facing one of its own: surviving an intensifying digital advertising downturn. The ad spending slowdown is tearing through the world of social media, sparing no one —…


BeReal Contemplates Monetization as Popularity Surges

BeReal reaches a social media turning point.


Nearly Half of American Teens Say They Are Never Not Online

The kids are alright so long as they’re holding an iPhone. A new poll from the Pew Research Center released Wednesday revealed that nearly half of American teens say they are “almost constantly” online and 35% say they use at…


Facebook’s New Feeds Favor Friends and Family, More Like TikTok

Like Marty McFly in Back to the Future, Facebook’s latest update is performing a delicate balancing act of past and present. On Thursday, the social network’s parent company Meta said Facebook users will soon be able to open a new…

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Whistleblower Sheds Light on Facebook’s Mischievous Attempts to Soften Australian Law

In October, The Wall Street Journal published a blockbuster investigation of Facebook’s troubling internal practices, based in large part on documents and files surfaced by employee whistleblower Frances Haugen. On Thursday, yet another bombshell, courtesy of a Facebook whistleblower, surfaced…


Elon Musk’s Twitter Crusade Could be Good for the Competition

When news broke yesterday of Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, the Tesla CEO and world’s richest man tweeted out a mini-manifesto of his ideas and intentions for the blue-bird platform. His competitors likely had a hard time holding back from…


Elon Musk is Now Twitter’s Biggest Shareholder

Less than 10 days ago, Elon Musk — known to be a bit cheeky on Twitter — tweeted that he was giving “serious thought” to building a new social media platform that would rival, among other things, Twitter. On Monday,…


Facebook is Paying a Political Consulting Firm to Smear TikTok

TikTok App

There’s the Spider-Man pointing meme. There’s the meme of comedian Tim Robinson, dressed as a hot dog, asking who crashed the hot dog car he obviously just crashed. Both of them are tried-and-true standards for any social media poster. And…


Linktree Nets $110 Million on Promise Its Clicks Will Make Creators Money

If you had suggested just a few years ago building a webpage for people that only links out to their other online profiles, you would have been looked at sideways. But now, that very idea has become the cornerstone of…

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Tale of the Tape: Warren Buffett and Cathie Wood

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