Amazon and Apple Say No to LIV Golf Streaming Rights

Amazon and Apple won’t take a swing at LIV Golf streaming rights.

NESN and Bally Launch Streaming Services in Bet on Sports Fans

Whoever said you can’t put a price on loyalty clearly knew nothing about the sports business. Take your lifelong Seattle Mariners fan. Through thick and thin, through agonizing General Manager decisions that launch a thousand sports radio call-in show rants,…


Days After Facing Blowback, Hulu Will Allow Issue-based Political Ads

Hulu learned the hard way that avoiding controversy can itself become a controversy. On Wednesday, the Disney-backed streaming service said it will open the door for politicians to place ads that address heated issues on its services, days after it…


Netflix Buckles Up For Critical Earnings Call

A year ago, Netflix’s dominance of the entertainment industry felt as easy as letting the next episode roll through auto-play. But then came a disastrous earnings report in April and summer blockbusters like Top Gun: Maverick jolted the box office…


Disney Board Meeting Places CEO Bob Chapek Under Spotlight

Performance reviews can be anxiety-inducing for anyone. Especially when you’ve just stepped into the impossibly large shoes left by a beloved and successful predecessor. That’s essentially what Disney CEO Bob Chapek is facing this week, as Disney kicks off a…


Streamers and Broadcasters Square Off for Rights to Soccer, Cricket Leagues

The final buzzer has sounded, and the game is over. After a high-flying auction season for the streaming and broadcasting rights to wildly popular Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket and rapidly growing US-based Major League Soccer (MLS), winners have, for…

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A “Squid Game” Stock Jumped 24% on Renewal of the Hit Netflix Show

On the wildly popular Netflix survival drama Squid Game, characters risk life and limb in a series of violent trials overseen by an enigmatic syndicate. On Monday, the struggling streaming giant announced a second season of the show — ironically,…


CNN+ Will Shut Down A Mere Month After Launching

It’s been quite a week for the streaming industry. After Netflix reported its first net subscriber loss in a decade, it didn’t seem like the news could get any worse, until things got worse for the news. On Thursday, Warner…


Netflix Loses Subscribers in Latest Streaming Drama

Two years ago, Netflix was on top of the world. Public health restrictions turned binge-watching into a popular endurance sport, earning the streaming giant earned pandemic darling status and 37 million new subscribers in 2020. All of that ended in…


CNN+ Reportedly Scaling Back Following Lackluster Debut

Here’s a breaking news alert unlikely to receive 24/7 coverage on CNN: CNN+, the cable news giant’s supplementary streaming service, is facing dramatic cuts in funding and investment, according to an Axios report. You may be asking: Didn’t CNN+ just…


Bezos and Asia’s Richest Man Will Go Toe-to-Toe in a Televised Cricket Auction

Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries and Asia’s richest man, and Jeff Bezos, chairman of Amazon and the world’s second-richest man, are about to go head-to-head in a spectacle like no other. Both men’s companies will face off in a…

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