ETFs Allow Investors to Follow Washington’s Stock Choices

Ever wanted to play the market like your favorite member of Congress, well now you can! Subversive Capital Advisor has partnered with Unusual Whales, an options flow service, to create two ETFs that mirror stock trades among Democratic and Republican…

JPMorgan Invests Hundreds of Millions into Forestry and Minority-led Businesses Projects

When it comes to ESG investing, Jamie Dimon can see the forest for the trees. JPMorgan Chase is kicking off the year with a pair of investments worth hundreds of millions into forestry and minority-led businesses, both of which will…


Fortunes Turn for Short-Sellers in 2023

What happens when the Big Short comes up way short? When rapid inflation and high-interest rates weighed on some of the world’s biggest companies like a pair of cement sneakers last year, short-sellers made a killing. But through the first…


Major US Banks Develop Digital Wallet to Compete with PayPal and Apple Pay

What’s in your digital wallet? Every major US bank is hoping it’ll be one of them. Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and four other banks are close to debuting a digital wallet, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday….


JPMorgan Chase Shuts Down Fintech Website, Says Founder Lied About Size of Customer Base

It looks like Jamie Dimon’s famous fear of fintech has gotten the best of him. On Thursday, JPMorgan Chase shuttered Frank, a financial aid planning platform for college students, and sued the company’s founder for grossly misrepresenting its customer base…


Canaccord Genuity Executives Make Take Private Bid

The leaders at Canada’s largest independent investment would prefer not to be disturbed in public. On Monday, a cadre of c-suite players at Canaccord Genuity announced a take-private bid worth roughly $843 million, betting they’d have better luck with a…

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Coinbase Fined $100 Million by NY Regulators

Coinbase touts itself as “the most trusted crypto exchange,” but nowadays that’s a little like being the most relatable Kardashian. No one is saying that Coinbase is another FTX, but on Wednesday the company reached a $100 million settlement with…


Weber Grill is Exiting the Public Market

(Photo credit: John Lustig/Flickr)

If you can’t stand the heat, back away from the grill. Or, in this case, the New York Stock Exchange. On Monday, grill maker Weber announced it is accepting a buyout deal from private equity firm BDT Capital Partners, which…


Blackstone May Delay Private Equity Fund for Wealthy Investors

Goldman Sachs

Maybe the timing wasn’t so hot. Blackstone may delay its long-planned and soon-to-launch private equity fund designed to attract wealthy individual investor clientele, according to a report this weekend from the Financial Times, The possible move comes as investors pour…


Credit Suisse Nears $440 Million Suit Against SoftBank

Apparently, misery does not always like company. About a year in the making, Credit Suisse is on the verge of being able to sue embattled Japanese private equity giant SoftBank for $440 million. The Greensill Conflict Credit Suisse has seen…


Goldman Sachs to Invest Millions into Crypto

The Death Star of global finance is starting to have a good feeling about crypto…even if no one else does. Goldman Sachs plans to spend tens of millions buying or investing in crypto companies, Reuters reported Tuesday. The FTX implosion…

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