Stock Ideas

Roughly Half of Stock Pickers Beat the Market Downturn This Year

Stock pickers have stumbled into remarkable success this year.

Jerome Powell Spoke, and the Market Listened

Goldman Sachs

No corner of the economy is immune to Jerome Powell’s words.


Individual Investors are Coming Back to Tech Stocks

Everybody loves a sequel, right? Well, individual investors — those roller coaster gamblers who drove the crazy meme stock phenomenon and rode the bull market to record retail winnings on Wall Street — are coming back around to tech stocks,…


Despite All This Year’s Stock Market Woes, Wall St’s “Fear Index” is Holding

Goldman Sachs

All it takes is a few short moments of reading headlines for cortisol to begin pumping through your veins. But you may be surprised to know that, despite war, surging inflation, interest rates, and energy prices, fear is actually in…


The SEC Is Thinking About Shaking Up How Stocks are Traded, Brokers and Wholesalers are Not Happy

The secret’s out. After days of speculation, Securities and Exchange Commission chair Gary Gensler confirmed Wednesday that the agency is exploring new rules that would upend stock market trading. The SEC is considering requiring brokerages to route stock purchases by…


With a Ground-Level View of Earnings, Insiders Seen Buying Discounted Stock

Goldman Sachs

The S&P 500 has fallen nearly 19% this year, and even briefly took a stroll through bear market territory on Friday. Current forecasts ranging from “tough months ahead” to “tougher months ahead” present a fair encapsulation of the widespread macroeconomic…

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China Markets Lose Most in 14 Years Amid Flash Panic Sale

For traders in China, “Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999” has been replaced by “Tonight we’re feeling sorry like it’s 2008.” On Monday, rising concerns about the Chinese economy — including government ties to Russia, new regulatory crackdowns on…


America’s Billionaires Are Cashing Out Their Stocks Like Never Before

Think Elon Musk’s Twitter polls where he asked the public if he should dump billions in stock were just the latest troll by the world’s richest man? Think again. America’s billionaires have sold $42.9 billion in stock this year, more…


Hedge Fund’s Confidence In Five Big Tech Companies Sinks To Multi-Year Low

It has been troubling times for the country’s biggest tech companies. Apple and Microsoft are scaling back production amid the global chip shortage. The House Judiciary Committee is wondering aloud if Amazon executives lied to Congress while under oath. Dozens…


A Startup Wants to Open a 24-Hours-a-Day, 7-Days-a-Week Stock Market

You know when it’s 2 a.m. and you get a hankering for Domino’s? Not the pizza, the stock. If you fit that strange but growing demographic, you’re in luck. Startup trading platform 24 Exchange announced Tuesday that it has applied…


Robinhood’s Free Shares Gimmick Costs a Company $200,000

One of retail brokerage Robinhood’s best-known marketing gimmicks is giving away one free share of stock to everyone who opens an account or refers a friend. Primarily a novelty offer to rope in new users, roughly 98% of the freebie…

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Farm Strong: Understanding Agriculture as an Investment

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